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Maintenance and Repairs: Harbor Products announces IAAPA debut of RESCUE TAPE®,


Harbor Products will debut their hot-selling self-fusing silicone Rescue Tape® at the upcoming IAAPA Expo 2009 in Booth #5348.  Their award-winning quick-fusing formula is guaranteed to revolutionize onsite emergency repairs and become a favorite amongst attraction industry maintenance professionals.

Rescue Tape® is a self-fusing silicone tape for emergencies, all-purpose repairs and electrical wiring.  Rescue Tape® boasts an impressive 950 PSI strength, insulates 8, 000 volts, and withstands 500 F degrees (260 C)!    Rescue Tape® is a self-fusing silicone tape with no adhesive.  When stretched and wrapped under tension, it fuses permanently into one piece of silicone in just minutes or even seconds, creating an air-tight, water-tight seal that’s resistant to oils, fuels, acids, solvents, salt water, road salt and UV rays.  It never gets gummy or sticky like electrical tape or duct tape, and resists temperatures up to 500? F (260 C) and down to – 85? F (-65 C), so it’s perfect for use in the harshest attraction environments.  Use it to repair leaks in hoses and pipes quickly and easily.  Make emergency temporary repairs on hot or cold pipes, hoses under pressure, air or vacuum hoses, water lines, oil lines, or just about anything that you can wrap it around, and it even works over wet, dirty or oily surfaces!  Rescue Tape helps eliminate downtime and can turn a catastrophe into just “another day at the park”.

Rescue Tape® resists up to 8, 000 volts per layer!  It is fantastic for electrical wiring; use it to wrap wiring harnesses, waterproof electrical connections, and protect battery cables and terminals.  Combining electrical resistance with heat resistance and being waterproof provides for a safe and secure electrical connection.  This is especially beneficial for eliminating electrical problems stemming from corrosion, heat, chemicals & moisture.  Rescue Tape also has superior heat dissipation qualities, allowing wires to stay cool in extreme environments.  Rescue Tape® contains a uniquely custom-blended silicone compound that fuses rapidly & permanently, has significantly more strength and durability then any other silicone tape, and yet still meets (and significantly exceeds) military specifications for electrical wire, cable, and harnesses.

Quite simply, Rescue Tape® is an invaluable addition to any toolbox, offering a quick, temporary repair that’s so good it approaches miracle status.  You’ll have a tough time keeping it in the toolbox – you’ll want to use it everywhere!  A video is available to view online that explains the features and benefits of our product:

Rescue Tape® is so versatile that it can also be formed into an emergency o-ring or even a fan belt, is fantastic for whipping the ends of rope, or neatening up lines and wire bundles in stowage.  It will never come unraveled, but when removed it never leaves any sticky residue behind like traditional adhesive tapes!  Rescue Tape® is quite possibly the strongest, most useful, and most versatile repair product on the market.  Keep Rescue Tape in every toolbox, and your maintenance engineer will think he’s the new MacGyver. 

About Rescue Tape

Rescue Tape® is available in 8 colors and 2 sizes:  Standard size 1” X .020” (20 mil) X 12’ available in Clear, Black, Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green & Orange.  Industrial size 2” X .030” (30 mil) X 36’ available in Black, Clear, & White.  Rescue Tape® is available online for retail purchase at or by calling +1-702-953-0968.  Standard sized rolls sell for $9.95 USD per roll; Industrial sized rolls are $49.95 USD.  Rescue Tape is the ORIGINAL self-fusing silicone tape with new quick-fusing action, and is proudly made in the USA.  Commercial inquiries welcome. 

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