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Medialon Show Control System at “Big O” show, Expo 2012, South Korea


Medialon, designers of IT based audiovisual control solutions, have provided the show control system for the “Big-O” night time show at the Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea.
Medialon Show Control System at Big O show,  Expo 2012,  South Korea
The “Big-O” is permanent giant sculpture that is the focus for a spectacular immersive evening show.  The outer rim of the “O” is used to produce special effects like laser shows, whilst a water screen inside the outer rim is a screen for films and videos.

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The “Big-O” structure and show was designed by ECA2, French experts in creating and producing major events and shows.  ECA2 were also responsible for the artistic and technical production of the show.

The Medialon Manager V6 PRO show control software controls and synchronises the following components of the maritime themed show:

– 24x moving water cannons (360°)
– “Cascade Screen”®, a 45-meter high water curtain which is the biggest and tallest one ever built in the world
– hundreds of water jets

Special effects:
– 24x flame generators
– hundreds of mist nozzles 
– 5x lasers

Lighting and video:
– 58x moving heads (1 500W) in weatherproof casing
– 6x video projectors (35 000 lumens)


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