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Mirage Entertainment’s Stunt Spectacular “Flood of Mandrill Mountain” Wows Shenzhen, China


The beautiful, environmentally friendly, destination resort of OCT East (Overseas Chinese Town), in the Dameisha area of Shenzhen, China, is renowned for its breathtaking views and impressive mountain landscape, along with its many and varied, world class entertainment options.  Prime among these, and taking full advantage of the impressive mountain geography, is the stunt spectacular water show, “Flood of Mandrill Mountain”, a Mirage Entertainment production which has been wowing resort guests since 2009.

Electrifying special effects and new stunt elements enhance the existing (and already enchanting) year-round water show into an outstanding achievement in live entertainment spectacle.  In an updated version of the classic pirate tale, watercraft action combines with high flying stunt work, explosive fire and water effects, a full-sized, hydraulically operated, break-up ship and a heart stopping motorcycle jump over a collapsing bridge…all leading up to one of the most jaw-dropping climaxes in the business:  a giant, roaring flood, as untold tons of rushing water cascade down the mountainside – always to wild applause!

With an annual audience count of at least 1.5 million (and higher numbers expected in the future), the Mandrill Mountain show is one of the most demanding and technically sophisticated productions in the live entertainment industry.  Potentially astronomical maintenance costs associated with the water pumping machinery and large hydraulic set pieces are effectively managed by OCT and Mirage Entertainment to insure strict control over the budget.  It is this kind of cooperation – delivering the maximum entertainment bang for the buck – that has made Happy Valley OCT East famous throughout Asia.  The “Flood of Mandrill Mountain” show is a “must see”, drawing tourists from all over China and nearby markets (such as Hong Kong and Macau).

As for the performance, itself, according to Show Manager, Craig Anderson:  "The tight team atmosphere we have here, has created the best show ever in OCT East history…Frankly speaking, cultural boundaries (between East and West) do not exist when it comes to performing a show like this.  The audience gets it as much as we in the cast do – and nobody is more thrilled about it than we are!”

Show Captain, Tom Chambers, adds:  "The climax of the show –  when the flood is released –  is, for me, easily the most exciting and memorable part of the show, because it is such a colossal effect.  The excitement of producing a show which so closely parallels nature, is ineffable!"  Audiences seem to agree.  The big finish is always a crowd-pleaser.

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