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Ocean Park Hong Kong has produced the first-ever Asian winner for the IAAPA Brass Ring Spirit Award


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At the Brass Ring Awards for Excellence, IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Expo 2010 held in Orlando, Florida. Cheung Hoi Juk, who is Assistant Technical Manager at Ocean Park, has been selected as the winner of the Spirit Award, an accolade that serves to recognize individual staff members who work in entertainment or show teams within theme parks, in backstage positions.

The Brass Ring Awards recognize excellence in the industry across more than 45 categories under multiple disciplines, including Marketing, Live Entertainment, Human Resources, Retail, Best Family Entertainment Center, Best New Product, and Best Exhibit.

The IAAPA Brass Ring Spirit Award has been running for 4 years and by clinching this year’s award, Juk has become its first recipient from Asia, out of a total of 10 nominees. She travelled to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando to receive the award in person.

At the ceremony, Juk said, “I am delighted to have received the award and I am very thankful to Ocean Park for providing me such opportunity to work in a theme park environment. I take great pride in working for such a wonderful theme park.” Later, the presenter of the award also revealed that Juk won the award for her dedication and passion to the job.

As Assistant Technical Manager of Ocean Park, Juk’s role is to oversee the technical team responsible for all special effects and animatronics. She will also oversee the new Symbio! show which will form part of the Park’s brand-new Aqua City attraction area scheduled for an early 2011 opening. Juk started working with Ocean Park on part time and short-term basis in 2001 and has worked full-time since 2004. She is one of the few staff that has worked directly on the Ocean Park Halloween Bash every year since its inception in 2001.

Ocean Park Chief Executive Tom Mehrmann also congratulated Juk on her success, “Juk has been working in Ocean Park for 10 years and it is gratifying to see her grow and excel in such a challenging, yet rewarding role in upholding the entertainment values of our shows and attractions. The award is certainly a recognition of Juk’s talents and hard work over the years and with the opening of Aqua City and other future attractions in our Master Redevelopment Plan, I know Juk will  continue to contribute to the Park for years to come.”

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