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Polin News: Opening Soon – Cobra Kingdom and Hybrid Dragero


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Cobra Kingdom at MAXX Royal: MAXX Royal Golf & Waterpark Resort opens in May 2011 with the first ever King Cobra waterslide.

The King Cobra has been eagerly anticipated since Polin launched the stunning slide at IAAPA in 2010.  King Cobra offers one of the most “intense” rides in the industry, while proving itself as a premier attraction in terms of visual impact and spectator appeal. It creates a truly different experience both for the riders and for the spectators with its unique design configuration, fibreglass theming, colouring and unique ride path. The core feature of Cobra is its unique configuration that enables 2 double tubes to race together throughout a circular path with twists, turns, surprises and a drop with the riders entering into the final valley part of the cobra’s hood at the same time.

Located on the Mediterranean Coast, in Belek, Antalya, Turkey, MAXX Royal’s waterpark has 10 Waterslides including the King Cobra, a kid-sized water play area with numerous themed slides and fountains and a small water play structure together with slides, a tipping bucket and water guns, all designed, manufactured and installed by Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems, Turkey. 

The slides in the park include King Cobra, Space Hole, Black Hole, Kamikaze, Rafting Slide, 2 Twisters, Flying Boats, Freefall, Giant Body Slide and a Turbolance. The Kids’ Group include Octopus Slide, Mini Pirate Slide, 2 Cobra Slides, 2 Rabbit Slides , Giraffe Shower, 4 Mushrooms , 3 Dolphin Fountains, a water multi level water play structure namely Aquatower Type-300 and a Frog Slide.

The inner tube rides at MAXX Royal are expertly engineered to provide maximum fun and adrenaline.  Polin’s unique Magic Shine and Natural Light Effect Systems add great value to these series. There are 3 rides in the extreme slides series: Space Hole, Uphill Flying Boats and a Turbolance. These are unique rides with distinctive designs and ride paths. They contain different a combination of slide routes: vertical drops, classical ride paths, uphill and centrifugal ride routes. Water spray jets are usually used to provide a frictionless surface on most of these giant slides. In addition, Polin’s extreme group have steep entry parts on to the slide surfaces to give the rider the thrill of “free falling”.

The waterslides at MAXX Royal are RTM ( Resin Transfer Moulding) manufactured waterslides. RTM waterslide manufacturing technology is a closed moulded technology and is the latest and the best production method in waterslides. The slides manufactured by this method add value to the general appearance of the park with smooth and perfectly shiny finishes on both sides and newly designed forms.  Through RTM, we obtain superior waterslides both aesthetically and physically in less time and with less waste. 

Polin is the first European waterslide manufacturer to use RTM technology in waterslide production, and the only waterslide manufacturer to produce the largest waterslide components using RTM technology.  Compared to the open moulded production methods, RTM production also offers some environmental advantages: the styrene emission is much lower than the open moulded methods and there is less physical waste than the conventional methods. Polin tries to be environmentally responsible and while designing the waterpark, our designers madde every effort to protect trees and to preserve the unique green nature of the area. 

Polin’s Hybrid Dragero opens at Aquasplash Waterpark, Marineland, France

Aqua Splash Waterpark, France, part of Marineland Espace, have announced that they have retained Polin to design and manufacture the Hybrid Dragero waterslide, due for completion April 25, 2011. 

The Hybrid Dragero is a sophisticated, thrilling high capacity waterslide with high speed 3 multi-racer lanes.  The slide is a mat racer slide: standard or head-first, starting with a big drop, then following an uphill ride route before finally transforming into 3 enclosed aquatube slides and ending in an aquacatch. 

The designer of the waterslide, architect Zeynep Cambaz of Polin Waterparks, said: “There were several constraints while designing the slide. First, we have to keep the existing tower and we tried to offer a real uphill experience in consistent with our client’s needs. Since the plan length did not allow us we solved the issue by using the Aquatube part.”

Aqua Splash Waterpark added two Polin slides in 2009: a Turbolance and a Space Boat.  Both rides added value and have been the most popular rides in the last 2 years. 

More on Aquasplash Waterpark:

Aqua Splash Waterpark is the largest water park on the Cote d’Azur is a part of Marineland Espace.  Marineland Espace hosts four different parks, namely; Marineland, Le Ferme du Par West, Aqua Splash Waterpark and Adventure Golf Park.  Marineland was founded in 1970 as an animal exhibition park and still hosts the killer whales, dolphins, seals and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Additionally, it has an aquarium with a 30 meter tunnel surrounded by sharks. The park was purchased by international entertainment operator, Parques Reunidos in 2006.

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