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Polin Waterparks all set for the Asian Attractions Expo


News from Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems

Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems are exhibiting at the Asian Attractions Expo 2011 next week, June 22- 24, 2011 in Sentosa, Singapore.  You can meet the team at booth 1116  There, they will be showcasing many exciting products, projects and ideas, including  Racer Series, King Cobra, Splash Cinema, Surfstream, Creek Surfing and many more…

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If you would like to schedule a meeting , please e-mail us at to arrange a time that works best for you. We look forward to seeing you at Asian Attractions Expo 2011!.

Polin Waterslides at the South Australian Aquatic & Leisure Centre

Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems, Turkey, a global market leader in design, manufacturing and installation of waterparks, supplied the waterslides and an interactive water play structure to South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Australia. South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre (SAALC) is South Australia’s premier aquatic and recreational facility. It is an indoor all-year round swimming and recreational facility and the main competition and training venue for swimming, diving and water polo in South Australia. The facility offers a 52m and a 55m swimming pool, water slides, water play structure, a community gym, café and car parking for 560 cars. The overall development cost is $100 million. The SAALC opened in April 2011. The SAALC will be hosting major aquatic events nationally and internationally.

The aquatic facilities located on 19, 500 sqm have been designed and contructed by AVP Commercial Pools, Australia. Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems, Turkey supplied the waterslides and an interactive multi level water play structure.

The waterslides in the facility consist of a bowl ride namely Space Hole, a tunnel ride and an Aquatower. Space Hole is a bowl ride for speed riding. It is engineered to create ultimate excitement. You experience three different sensations of excitement in one slide. You first experience the excitement of an enclosed flume exiting into a huge open bowl and continuing with several whirls around the sides of the bowl with centrifugal force; and finally ending with a big splash into the ‘hole’. The Space Hole at SAALC starts from a tower of 15 metres and the slide part’s length is 73 meters. The unique fact about the Space Hole in this facility is that it is a RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) manufactured bowl ride. Polin is the only company in the World that can offer bowl rides as RTM ( Resin Transfer Molding) produced. Since it is a big ride especially the bowl part, being an RTM manufactured slide contributes the overall aesthetics of the facility.

The other slide is a tunnel ride of which the length is 102.05 meters. It is an enclosed tube slide and an exciting ride with turns and twists. It is again an RTM manufactured slide with a perfectly smooth and super shiny finish on both sides. The color combination enhances the visual impact. Polin’s "Natural Light Effects" are applied to both slides’ tunnel sections.

The third attraction is an interactive multilevel water play structure, namely "Aquatower Type 160". Aquatower at SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre specially is designed for a more enjoyable water play experience with waterslides, valves, water cannons and a bucket. "We are happy to supply our waterslides for this facility. This facility proves itself as the premier leisure centre in Australia." says Baris Pakis, Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems.

About POLIN®

Polin was founded in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1976 and has become one of the leading companies in the design, manufacturing and installation of waterparks and waterslides. Polin’s commitment to customer satisfaction, research & development and superior quality are key factors which contribute to Polin’ s ongoing success in the industry. We maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism beside the importance we give to innovation, creativity, entertainment value, safety, dynamism, strength and aesthetics. Polin guides each project from concept to completion. From the initial design to start-up, we take care of everything. Every aspect of the project including planning, engineering, manufacturing and installation is undertaken in house by Polin.

Polin has been a pioneer in the advancement and application of the Light RTM process in waterslide manufacturing. Since 2006, Polin has converted to Light RTM on over 90 per cent of its annual fiberglass production. Polin also offers its unique Natural Light Effect technology and Special Pattern Effects technology in RTM and offers translucent RTM waterslides.

Polin is committed to providing the best quality product and service through investing in research and development and will continue to further expand its L-RTM line while introducing new signature rides and innovations in fiberglass production.

For additional information,

Contact:  Sohret Pakis
Tel.:        +90 262 656 64 67

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