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Proslide News Round Up: Raging Waters, Wild Wadi, Holiday World, Water Cube and Awards


SuperLOOP™ at Raging Waters San Jose, BowlingALLEY™ & TantrumALLEY™ at Wild Wadi, TOPSY-TURVY™ wins at IAAPA,   Holiday World’s “Wildebeest” Wins at WWA, Lost Island Goes MAGNETIC, ProSlide at the Water Cube, Beijing

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Raging Waters San Jose announces the ProSlide SuperLOOP™ for their 2011 Season!

“Bombs Away” debuts in 2011 at Raging Waters, making it the first West Coast installation of the ProSlide SuperLOOP™! 

The “Bombs Away” experience begins when a rider steps into the enclosed ProSlide SkyBox™ positioned nearly five stories above Raging Waters! The capsule door is sealed and the countdown begins! The rush of adrenaline kicks in as the trap floor drops, plummeting the single rider down into the narrow 32″ enclosed tunnel reaching speeds of up to 38 feet per second. Powerful G-forces glue them to the side of the wall the entire way around the tight 360 degree SuperLOOP™ and then riders experience another quick drop before the watery runout brings them to a stop at the bottom.

The ProSlide SuperLOOP™ is the smartest looping water ride on the planet! Riders go from top to bottom in eight seconds flat with no possibility of stopping in the middle! Like many of our other speed slides, the ProSlide SuperLOOP™ has no weight restrictions so anyone over 48″ can ride it!

Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai Opens the World’s First ProSlide BowlingALLEY™ & TantrumALLEY™ Complex to Great Reviews!

Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai opened the Hottest new Water Ride Complex in the World in January 2011, including the World’s First ProSlide BowlingALLEY™ & the World’s Longest TantrumALLEY™! The Grand Opening of Wild Wadi’s massive expansion was on 11/01/11 at 11am and was packed with people ready to experience the most exciting new water rides in the World! Wild Wadi’s “Burj Surj” (ProSlide BowlingALLEY™) & “Tantrum Alley” (ProSlide TantrumALLEY™) are a huge hit!

The bar has been set high with this amazing expansion! Wild Wadi’s “Tantrum Alley” is the only one in the World with three funnels, two open & one enclosed, and it spans a record-breaking 820 feet (250m) long. With over 8500 gallons of water per minute pumping through this high intensity water ride, the ProSlide TantrumALLEY™ at Wild Wadi has everyone coming back for more! Riders in 4-Man CLOVERleaf™ tubes experience an overall drop of over 65 feet from top to bottom and feel the exhilaration of the high speed inrun and the heights of the gravity defying funnels three times in a row!

The World’s first BowlingALLEY™ at Wild Wadi is setting records of its own! As the only water ride in the World with back-to-back BOWLS™, the “Burj Surj” features two 40 foot diameter BOWLS™ that have riders in 4 to 5-Man Rafts experiencing the thrills of our award- winning BehemothBOWL™ two times at thrilling speeds! The fully enclosed tunnels between BOWLS™ give riders an experience like no other! At over 775 feet (236m) long, the brand-new “Burj Surj” has double the fun & double the thrills for the whole family!

The ProSlide TOPSY-TURVY™ Wins the Best New Product Award at the 2010 IAAPA Show in Orlando, Florida!

ProSlide was awarded the Best New Product Award for the ProSlide TOPSY-TURVY at the 2010 IAAPA show in Orlando. At ProSlide, our relentless dedication to new product development and innovation has led us to be the World Leader in Water Ride Innovation and the TOPSY-TURVY™ is a great example of this program! The variable speed TOPSY-TURVY™ takes a 20 second serpentine PIPEline™ and turns it into an amazing 35 to 40 second “SurpriseAdventure” Tubing Journey like no other! With multiple funnels, either open or enclosed, and back-to-back curves these one or two-man TopsyRIVER™ tubing rides are causing a paradigm shift in tubing rides for the future!

The ultimate thrills of Slow ‘n Go tubing rides have made a comeback and have made the TOPSY-TURVY the hottest new ride in 2010!

The all-new ProSlide TOPSY-TURVY™ has changed tubing rides forever! These high-capacity “SurpriseAdventure” tubing rides debuted at five waterparks in 2010 and are in high demand for 2011! SeaWorld Aquatica in Orlando/Florida, Great Wolf Lodge Kings Island in Mason/Ohio, Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City in Kansas City/Kansas, Adventure Bay at Adventureland in Altoona/Iowa and SplashTown at Darien Lake in Darien Center/New York all added their own custom TOPSY-TURVY™ complexes with multiple funnels and they were a huge hit! Watch for the arrival of at least six more TOPSY-TURVYS™ to make an appearance at leading waterparks around the World for the 2011 season!

Holiday World’s “Wildebeest” Wins a 3rd Industry Award! ProSlide is Awarded the Industry Supplier Innovation Award for “Wildebeest” at the 2010 WWA Show in San Antonio, Texas!

At the 2010 World Waterpark Association show in San Antonio, ProSlide was awarded the WWA Industry Innovation Award- Supplier for “Wildebeest”, the ProSlide HydroMAGNETIC ROCKET™ at Holiday World Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana. This is the 3rd Industry Award for the revolutionary “Wildebeest” as it was also voted the Best Waterpark Ride & Best New Waterpark Ride in the World at the 2010 Golden Ticket Awards in September!

At ProSlide, our relentless dedication to new product development and innovation has led us to be the World Leader in Water Ride Innovation and “Wildebeest” is a great example of this program!  Utilizing a combination of water lubrication, downhill and uphill gravity and ProSlide’s proprietary HydroMAGNETIC™ technology, riders experience the “magnetic pull” of the ascent followed by the exhilarating speeds of the downhill drops and riders feel the “magic” of going uphill at top speed. Exclusive to ProSlide, this ground-breaking technology on Water Rides has spawned not only ProSlide’s 4- Man HydroMAGNETIC ROCKET™, but also the brand-new concepts of the 2- Man HydroMAGNETIC HORNET™ and the 6- Man HydroMAGNETIC MAMMOTH™ now being designed for World Leading Waterparks for 2011 and beyond! The ProSlide HydroMAGNETIC ROCKET™ also won the 2007 IAAPA Award for Best New Water Ride Product. 

“Wildebeest” stretches a record-breaking 1710 feet long and is only one of two ProSlideHydroMAGNETIC ROCKETS™ in the World with a ride-up conveyor, allowing people who cannot manage stairs to experience the “Magic” too! The entire ProSlide team is proud to have worked with the Holiday World Splashin’ Safari Family again to create this truly World-Class Revolutionary Water Ride!

Lost Island Goes MAGNETIC for their 10th Anniversary Season!

Lost Island Waterpark in Waterloo/Iowa is celebrating their 10th Anniversary season with the opening of a brand new water ride. “Wailua Kapua”, which translates to purple Hawaiian river dragon, is the 990 foot-long ProSlide HydroMAGNETIC ROCKET™ water coaster that is the longest ride addition in the tropical paradise-themed waterpark’s history!!

The HydroMAGNETIC ROCKET™ has all the attributes of a roller coaster but it’s pure water excitement! Utilizing a combination of water lubrication, downhill and uphill gravity and ProSlide’s proprietary HydroMAGNETIC™ technology, riders experience the “magnetic pull” of the ascent followed by the exhilarating speeds of the downhill drops and riders feel the “magic” of going uphill at top speed. No other company in the World uses this ground-breaking technology on Water Rides and ProSlide’s HydroMAGNETIC ROCKET™ won the 2007 IAAPA Award for Best New Water Ride Product.

Wailua Kapua brings riders, seated in 4-person rafts, 40ft up to the top of the first hill before they experience the first drop and are then propelled up & down three more hills and around three closed-tunnel turns at speeds reaching up to 35ft per second! The HydroMAGNETIC ROCKET™ at Lost Island is also one of only two in the World with a ride-up conveyor, making the water coaster accessible to people who may have problems with traditional stairs.

Lost Island Waterpark also features the Award-Winning ProSlide TORNADO™ & Dark MAMMOTH™ as well as, the ProSlide OctopusRACER™, CannonBOWL™, PLUMMET™, 2 TWISTERS™, 3 PIPElines™ & KIDZ ProRACER™! To book your trip to ride Wailua Kapua & the rest of the ProSlide rides at Lost Island Waterpark, go to:

ProSlide makes it’s Olympic debut at the Water Cube in Beijing, China!

On August 8th 2010, the Olympic Water Cube in Beijing, China had it’s Grand Opening to debut their brand-new indoor waterpark to the World! Featuring over 12 ProSlide Signature rides, the Olympic Water Cube is now open to the public and has been packed with over 4000 people a day!

In addition to the ProSlide TORNADO™, BulletBOWL™ & 2 PIPElines™, the brand-new ProSlide RideHOUSE™ multi-level kids play structure is packed with watery fun and is entertaining families for hours on end! Featuring tons of water cannons, active water sprays, and a High Volume Water Dump that covers everyone in it’s path, the RideHOUSE™ at the Water Cube also features over 10 exciting RideHOUSE™ versions of our award-winning slides. The 2 RideHOUSE FireSlides™, 2 RideHOUSE DECKtops™, RideHOUSE MiniRiver™, RideHOUSE OctopusRACER™, RideHOUSE Tunnel TWISTER™, RideHOUSE TOPSY-TURVY™ & RideHOUSE KIDZ Racer™ are huge hits with kids of all ages!

The Water Cube in Beijing is the iconic building where Michael Phelps won his 8 Gold medals at the 2008 Olympics. The waterpark takes up about half of the 12, 000-square-meter complex and is now the largest in Asia. The Olympic Water Cube also features a wave pool, lazy river, spa area and several restaurants.

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