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Sembawang Shopping Mall Rooftop Water Playground


Wyeth Tracy of Empex Watertoys®  together with Jason Sim of Playpoint Singapore have created the innovative rooftop Splash Park recently inaugurated at the Sembawang Shopping Mall in Singapore.
A dynamic collection of Aquatons® spray features, interactive Watertoys®,   Aquajetz TM and Aquanetics TM have been combined on a colorful soft surface to create a third floor labyrinth of water fun for children and adults alike.

Empex introduces for the first time it’s Aquanetic line of interactive water features. 

These are prominent structures created in the Empex design vocabulary which allow the children to turn a handwheel or Aquaverter TM and create different water motion and form, varying from turning pinwheels, pelton wheels, and spinners while creating different water displays.

 Aquatons® spray features include the Aquablast TM – ejecting a large blast of water from the centre funnel every few minutes; Aquabow Trio TM- a series of spray arches which deliver a delicious soft spray from the cone nozzles; Aquaspiro TM- creating a spiral aquatic merry-go-round; Aquaspine- multiple laminar jets emitted from an elevated orb; Splashing Rainforest TM- colorful dumping vessels of water randomly tip on the excited children below; Aquaduo TM – a water game where two participants race to fill a vessel first so it will tip on the opponent; Aquadome TM – a low level interactive feature with nine soft laminar jets for the young tots ; and Watershooters TM – colorful water cannons for those water battles between the kids.

Empex Watertoys® are fabricated from non ferrous materials , offering superior resistance to lightning and heat conductivity while giving a lifetime warranty from corrosion.

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