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Shooting Galleries: Pan Amusements prepares to launch two new attractions


To add to its range of world leading electronic shooting galleries and midway games, Pan Amusements will launch two new attractions at EAS in late September.

Managing Director Paul Whittaker says, “One of the features of the last few years is that operators are looking for versatile amusements in size with a realistic outlay. We’ve responded to that.”

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Professor Fumble – a mad scientist – is a themed midi-sized shooting gallery positioned at a price point between Pan’s fully themed multi-station galleries and the tremendously successful Sideshow Mini Gallery which is distributed worldwide by SEGA. The design of Professor Fumble is based very much on what many operators have said to Pan at the shows where it has recently exhibited. For an outlay of around £20, 000 an operator will get an excellent gallery with a proven fast pay-back time and the high standards of animation, play value and reliability that the company is renowned for.

Second up is Clownin’ Around, a midway water game where two players compete against each other to drive a ball up a channel with water jets. “We’ve had huge success with this type of game over the years, ” says Paul Whittaker, “but it is vital to make regular changes in theme. It is a well-established concept but still amazingly popular.”

Pan has developed its business over the years by expanding beyond the traditional theme park market and into new countries. “It’s just as important that we also improve the standards of our products and build new additions to our range, ” adds Paul Whittaker.




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