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Southern Star Amusement restarts efforts to acquire New Orleans amusement park


Southern Star Amusement, Inc., is once again seeking to acquire control of the former Jazzland/Six Flags New Orleans amusement park property.  The property, city owned but currently still under lease to Six Flags, has sat dormant for the past three years.  Six Flags has stated that they have no intention of re-opening the shuttered property.

Southern Star Amusement’s redevelopment efforts are slated to include adding water park rides and attractions, rehabbing the remaining rides and buildings, improved landscaping and shade structures.  Long term plans, should additional property become available, include youth sports facilities, a hotel, and retail and food venues.

Danny Rogers, founder of the company, and long time amusement industry veteran stated, "We made a worthwhile attempt last year to take over operations on the amusement property and were disheartened when we had to pull our offer from the table.  As several important factors have changed in the interim, we have resumed our efforts, this time partnering with another themed entertainment industry company.  We believe the property is very much worth saving and can become a thriving economic machine that can transform the East side of the city and help with the sustained growth of the New Orleans tourist market."

It is clear that the current team has done their homework and listened to what the community has said were shortcomings of the previous operators.  Attention will be given to rides and amenities that will greatly improve the guests’ experience.  With the addition of water park rides and attractions, guests can beat the heat by staying wet all day if they so choose.  Those that prefer to stay dry will welcome the addition of shade structures, indoor attractions, and misting stations.  The team has plans to integrate the wet and dry experience to create a one-of-a-kind venue.

The waterpark elements of the project, while integrated into the overall layout, will be situated so that they can be closed off during inclement weather, allowing for the remainder of the park to stay open.  This will allow the park to operate year round.

"Think about it, you can fly around the tracks on a classic wooden coaster, watch first class music infused shows, then get an adrenaline rush on the water slides and other cooling places around the park, all in the same day at the same place, and all for one low price, " said Rogers.

The design team is focusing on making the project as family friendly as possible. "We plan on adding attractions that will appeal to the entire family, thrills for the older members, with rides for the younger crowd that parents can enjoy and comfortably ride as well, " said Rogers. The plans also include landscaping and shade structures that protect guests from the hot summer sun, as well as giving the park a great asthetic appeal.

Southern Star Amusement plans to turn this shuttered park into one heck of a playground for locals, visitors, and families alike.

About Southern Star Amusement

Southern Star Amusement, Inc., is a location based entertainment development company dedicated to creating quality, family friendly attractions.  More information can be found at

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