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Space Centre: New Space Center Houston Exhibit Dares you to Put Yourself at Risk!


Why would you put yourself at risk? For the fun of it, of course!

RISK! a new exhibit opening February 13, 2010, at Space Center Houston gives you a playful and informative look at risk in a way that could change how you view risk in yourown life.

RISK! is a new 5000-square foot exhibit developed by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and showcases a variety of interactive, realistic experiences that invite you to explore and understand risk and the part it plays in everyday life.

“Life involves taking risks and how we handle those risks can have significant impact on our lives, ” said Richard Allen, President and CEO of Space Center Houston. “We think that our visitors will come away with a better understanding of how to deal with risk using science, mathematics, and critical thinking skills.”

RISK! presents some extraordinary, eye-opening situations that emphasize our perception or misperception of risk. On the Beam Walk!, imagine crossing a 7” wide steel beam 17 stories above the ground. A little risky? Now add wind, blaring construction noises, and a noisy flock of birds flying by!

On the Bed of Nails you can discover that lying on thousands of nails may not be the sticky situation you expected! Will you escape harm or be punctured like a pincushion?

RISK! Cinema presents engaging and powerful taped interviews with Mt. Everest survivor Beck Weathers, auto racer Johnny Rutherford, astronaut Barbara Morgan, bullfighter Rob Smets, and other risk takers.

Are you a risk taker? You might be surprised to find out with Just How Risky Are You?. Your score in a series of questions will show your comfort level with risk.

Do You Know When to Quit? reinforces the highly personal nature of risk assessment. In classic game show fashion, you put yourself in the hot seat and test how far you’re willing to go to be a “winner.”

In You Judge the Risk, you’re given the opportunity to voice your concern about some of the health, economic, and environmental issues we currently face.

The Extreme Gallery focuses on the response of science, technology, and engineering to risk through objects developed in response to particular types of risk.

RISK! opens at Space Center Houston on February 13, 2010. Space Center Houston is open every day from 10am – 5pm weekdays, 10am – 6pm weekends with extended hours on some holidays. Admission cost is $19.95 for adults, $15.95 children age 4 -11, $18.95 for seniors, children under 4 are free. Significant discounts are available through coupons distributed by promotional partners and online ticket purchases at Space
Center Houston is located at 1601 NASA Parkway, Houston, TX, 77058. Telephone 281-244-2100.

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