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Special Venue Media: Emotion Media Factory and Europapark’s 3D HoloPort – Virtual worlds, Real Impressions


A glimpse into the future of adventure cinema does not necessitate a pair of spectacles. Europapark visitors can now experience virtual worlds as real without having to don cumbersome 3D glasses. This is all thanks to Emotion Media Factory’s new ‘3D HoloPort’ technology, which has breathed life into images and stories.

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For the first permanent installation of 3D HoloPort, Emotion Media Factory (EMF) has joined forces with the Europapark Creative Team to provide a 120m², 40-seat cinema in the "Enchanted Forest". EMF supplied the technical equipment for the high-resolution 3D animation and also created the complete storyline with virtual characters and backdrops. The virtual images are supplemented with real accessories on a stage four metres wide, two metres high and six metres deep.

3D HoloPort can also be used in much bigger settings: any dimensions can be achieved on a projection surface of up to 8m high and 20m wide, with a depth of 40 metres. EMF can even create round imaginary spaces extending up to 360° using the new technology. EMF’s 3D HoloPort transcends the boundaries between fact and fiction using a combination of special effects, live performance and real objects.

About Emotion media Factory

Emotion Media Factory takes on all aspects of project planning, from a rough sketch of the idea via design and installation all the way to show production and system maintenance. The shows are created, produced and installed by an internationally experienced show production team for a particular client in line with customer-specific requirements. They can of course be tailored to any particular cultural and national characteristics.

About EMF Laserland GmbH

EMF Laserland GmbH boasts over 25 years’ experience in the creation of laser shows and multimedia fountain systems. Cities and theme parks around the globe entertain their visitors with installations created by EMF Laserland. AIDA Cruises has equipped its entire fleet with the EMF Laserland Multimedia Laser Show since 1996. 3D HoloPort is the latest product to be developed by EMF Laserland.


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