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Special Venue Media: Moscow Planetarium chooses Global Immersion for twenty-first century renovation


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Historic Astronomy Center Schedules December 2010 Launch with Three New Theater Experiences

Global Immersion, a leader in the field of digital immersive theater and planetarium experiences, has been awarded contract by Moscow Planetarium, Russia, to design and integrate six unique and state-of–the-art Fidelity™ and Intensity® digital displays into three theaters throughout the facility. The theaters are a key part of the large-scale modernization and expansion, and are scheduled for completion in December 2010 when the building will reopen to the public.

Since opening in 1929, Moscow Planetarium has been a center for thousands of Soviet schoolchildren to gaze at the stars and learn about our place in the Universe. The facility closed in 1994 when building modernization talks first began. The new team in Moscow has now finalized renovation plans that will see an expansion of the historic building from 32, 000 square ft to 182, 000 square ft – making way for a Museum of Astronomy and History of Space Travel, and the new theaters, facilities and exhibits within it.

Global Immersion has been contracted to design and install six display systems into three theaters, in addition to a central production suite and render farm.

The 25-meter/82-ft planetarium will house a seven-channel/fourteen-projector Fidelity Bright™ digital fulldome system. The dome periphery will feature a separate digital panoramic hybrid display – completely synchronized with a new optical star projector from Carl Zeiss. To expand upon the fulldome functionality, a third Fidelity 3D™ display employing the new Sony™ SRX-T420 4K projector will project a 17-meter giant screen 3D image from the rear of the theater. The planetarium will seat up to 364 visitors at a time, and will be managed entirely from the Fidelity Play™ media server and storage facility in the central server room.

Entirely new multi-dimensional experiences

In addition to the core planetarium facility, Global Immersion will be installing two multi-dimensional experiences for visitors. A 47-seat Intensity® 4D theater will be integrated with motion seating from D-BOX® Technologies, ambient sensory effects, and special effect lighting and audio systems. Separately, a 4.6-meter production dome will employ a fulldome display with LED-projection technology, and a further stereocopic 3D fulldome display system – complete with an additional D-BOX motion seat installation.

All of the new theaters will be supported by a range of high-specification real-time, playback and control solutions.

Speaking about the multiple contract award, Martin Howe, Chief Executive at Global Immersion said; “Our new partnership with Moscow Planetarium marks a true milestone in the continued expansion and development of our organization. We are delighted to be working with such an ambitious client who shares our ideals of pushing the boundaries of immersive theater, and envisage each of the new displays and experiences at the Moscow facility as being some of the very best in the world.”

About Global Immersion

Global Immersion is an award-winning organization, dedicated to the unique and innovative medium of immersive theater and specializing in the design and integration of world-class planetarium, giant screen, 3D and 4D environments.

With over thirteen years experience in the world of fulldome displays and scientific data visualization, Global Immersion combines a wide range of proven technologies to create enthralling and exciting immersive theater. As a full-service team, they pull together consultancy, design, technology, engineering, system integration, content and creativity – for world-class experiences that are built for the future. 

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