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Splashtacular Launches Double Bowlseye™ New Signature Attraction Pushes Family Experience to New Level


SplashTacular, winner of the 2011 Industry Innovation Award for Suppliers from the World Waterpark Association (WWA), announced the launch of their thrilling new family raft ride, the patent-pending Double BowlsEye™. 

The Double BowlsEye is a contemporary new take on a high-speed family raft chase.  Riders gaze down the 60 ft. launch platform to see two 54 in. enclosed slides, which enter opposite sides of an enormous bowl.   The family of four is separated into two double rafts, positioned back-to-back on custom-controlled launch platforms.  Once the ride operator checks to insure that all four guests are properly seated, they are simultaneously propelled in opposite directions and disappear into darkness at raft speeds of up to 30 mph.  Riders then empty out into the massive bowl and “chase” the other family members to the finish.    

“This is the perfect family ride, ” said Steve Levine, Founder and President of SplashTacular.“It’s really the first time that the entire family can experience a competitive thrill ride together.There is no other guest experience like it for waterpark destinations.”

SplashTacular’s design and engineering team has created two unique patent-pending features for the new family raft ride—including the use of two separate 2-person rafts entering and riding the bowl at the same, as well as both rafts terminating through dual exit systems.  The ride is designed to terminate into either runouts or a splashdown pool.
The Double BowlsEye gives park owners exceptional throughput, thrilling up to 480 riders per hour.  Levine said that it’s part of SplashTacular’s strategy to increase park attendance and drive customer revenue through its one-of-a-kind signature attractions.

“Our objective was to create a unique family experience, ” said Levine.  “This is a way for a park to distinguish itself, to become a destination of choice.”

In October 2011, SplashTacular won the 2011 Industry Innovation Award for Suppliers from the WWA for the 360Rush™, the sister waterslide to the Double BowlsEye.  The 360Rush thrills riders with a high-speed, two-person race from a 58-ft.-tall body slide—at speeds of up to 40 mph.  The first 360Rush waterslide opened in July 2011 at Spring Valley Beach waterpark in Blountsville, Alabama.

“This is true Hydrotainment, ” said Levine.  “This is what SplashTacular is all about.”

About SplashTacular

SplashTacular, Inc. is the largest waterslide manufacturer in the U.S. and winner of the World Waterpark Association’s 2011 Industry Innovation Award for Suppliers. Since 1994, the company has built 1, 000+ waterpark attractions—including 3, 000 waterslides—across the globe.

SplashTacular designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs signature waterpark attractions that maximize attendance and throughput.  The award-winning 360Rush™ is a patented, 58-foot-tall dual waterslide that delivers two riders simultaneously into a 45 ft. diameter bowl at speeds of up to 40 mph.  The Double BowlsEye™ is a contemporary take on a high-speed family raft chase.

SplashTacular prides itself on delivering waterpark experiences that create unforgettable memories for families and generate revenue for park managers.  Corporate offices are in California, with operations facilities in Kansas and Texas. For more information, visit

CONTACT: BJ Johnson, Director of Marketing
(800) 844-5334, ext. 700
102 W. Kaskaskia, Suite 201
Paola, KS  66071

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