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The New Mayan Adventures Theme Park And Resort. “A World Of Fun For The Whole World. Literally!”


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Elated Worldwide Group is planning to introduce the Mayan Adventures Theme Park early in 2013.  The “New Sun, ” according to the Mayan calendar is sure to be a great year for roller coaster enthusiast.  With Southern California already having a strong tourist base, it provides the perfect location for the first Mayan Adventures Theme Park.

The theme park is sure to turn some heads but it is also going to change industry standards.  We have designed the world’s most environmentally conscious amusement park.  Out electrical power will be supplied by what will be the world’s largest solar farm.  We plan to incorporate the most globally sensitive technologies at our disposal to create a collection of attractions the ‘entire world’ can enjoy.

It is the promise of our founder and CEO, Thomas Ford, to create the world’s first 100% green-fueled roller coaster haven:  The Mayan Adventures Theme Park.  Never before has such an adrenaline farm been created.  The entire park will be sequestered into four quadrants, each capturing a season of the year thus the very essence of mother Earth.

The spring and fall areas are lush with foliage and ‘GO’-liage as roller coasters and other gravity-defying joys are plentiful.   The park proudly boasts both a water park and an astounding indoor snow-filled winter wonderland to represent winter all year long.

An exciting experience awaits all who venture into its territory as ingenious technology presents thrill seekers with spectacular challenges.  Welcome to the media home of the future entertainment Mecca of the world: The Mayan Adventures Theme Park “A World of Fun for the Whole World, Literally!”

Elated Worldwide is a California corporation founded November 2008 by Thomas Ford and Matt Bass.  The company was established to develop and build the first solar-fueled amusement park in Southern California.   A team of experts has been assembled to address each of the challenges with launching such an ambitious resort.   Each member with a dedicated drive to achieve success while functioning as a responsible corporate citizen, creating harmony with the local people, government, visiting tourists and vacationers.

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