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Theme Parks & Attractions : Lasers and Mazes


The Excitement of MAZA WAZA!  Welcome to MAZA WAZA – the coolest hip Brand for real life puzzles and problem-solving challenges!

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Adrian Fisher is the world’s leading maze designer.  For 30 years, he has created hedge mazes for castles and palaces, and hundreds of corn mazes on farms. Now he has turned his mind to mirror mazes and laser mazes like you’ve never seen before….. his MAZA WAZA concept!

Laser Mazes

We have joined forces with Funovation Inc. to distribute their excellent Laser Maze Challenge – either separately, or in combination with other mazes.

We consider Funovation to be the world’s premier Laser Maze brand.  These challenges have great repeat appeal, and can be installed one at a time, or in multiples together.  Please contact us for details.

Live the MAZ!

You want to Live It?  We are building real live Maza Waza Adventure Mazes for opening in 2011.

You want to Walk It?  We have portable Inflatable Mazes, Plastic Tile Mazes, Finger Mazes, Puzzle Cards and Jigtiles, ideal for summer camps, youth groups, farms, visitor attractions and schools.  Order now!

You want to Play It?  We are creating great I Phone Apps, and online puzzles.

Operate the MAZ!

We are keen to hear from experienced leisure operators, for opening new Maza Waza Adventure Mazes around the world.

New Trend:  Mirror + Laser Maze COMBO

Three things have come together, to provide a new impetus for mirror mazes around the world:  our Mark 7 Mirror Maze (the world’s finest), the proven COMBO of our Mirror Mazes with Laser Mazes, and our unique association with Funovation’s Laser Mazes.

This combination achieves a Critical Mass attraction, and is a proven success:  All three Mirror Mazes below were created by Adrian Fisher, with Laser Mazes by Funovation – and all three are proving highly popular with visitors. We are currently planning new Maza Waza attractions for 2011, on both sides of the Atlantic, and in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

(1) Palace of Sweets, Wildwood, New Jersey

So here we have it – the latest State-of-the-Art Mirror Maze, opened in June 2010 at Wildwood, New Jersey.   This is our first MARK 7 Mirror Maze!

The public really likes the Mirror Maze. They are happy with the experience, unlike some of the other mazes around North America. That’s the reason I have already recommended your company to a good friend for inclusion in his seventeen Family Entertainment Centers.” – Bob Masterson, former head of Ripleys, and former World President of IAAPA.

(2) Magical Mirror Maze, San Diego, California

This was our first Mirror + Laser Maze COMBO!  The Magical Mirror Maze at Mission Beach in San Diego was upgraded for 2010, and its owner James Austin writes enthusiastically “My maze looks so much better and the guest response has massively improved.”  , Now with two laser runs as well as the mirror maze, it’s all Rock and Roll!

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