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Theme Parks: Silver Dollar City Launches 50th Year With New Ride Tom & Huck’s RiverBlast


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$7 Million Ride is America’s Biggest Water Battle

Silver Dollar City launches its 50th year with a splash – the debut of the new $7 million ride Tom & Huck’s RiverBlast. A super-soaking water raft ride themed around the adventures of fun-loving, mischief-makers Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, RiverBlast takes raft riders, armed with water soakers, on an adventure down the Mighty White River. Riders battle raft-to-raft and raft-to-shore, dodging streams of water from sharp shooters ashore too. Riders can soak each other, spray spectators ashore or shoot targets along the channel, but there’s no escape from the fray — even some of the targets shoot back. With hundreds of water elements, RiverBlast is America’s Biggest Water Battle.

Unlike any other ride, RiverBlast opens the floodgates for water-blasting fun, says Attractions Manager Kevin Lotter. “Our guests love the excitement and surprise of interactive rides, and RiverBlast offers hundreds of opportunities to play, ” he said. “Every ride is a different experience as you’re immersed in the fray, battling left, right, above and below!” The setting is immersive too, with theming elements such as river fog, waving cattails, sound effects and moving wildlife.

RiverBlast, accessible to guests of all ages, has 8 themed rafts equipped with 80 super soakers and takes riders winding along a 570-foot river channel. Spectators can watch – and spray too – from Tom & Huck’s Tree Fort above the river, from the channel banks or from the island in the middle of the river. And if everyone gets drenched, a giant drier is available to blow-dry the whole family.

Silver Dollar City is celebrating its 50th Birthday with a year-long party, special birthday events, new shows for each of its six world-class festivals, and $50, 000 in prize give-aways. Themed Take Time to Celebrate, 2010 marks the park’s biggest event year ever.

Tom & Huck’s RiverBlast opened with the park on March 18. For information, call 800-831-4FUN(386) or visit

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