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Themed Design: Clostermann’s Innovative Shooting Gallery


After the successful presentation of the new Shooting Galleries by Clostermann design at the European Attractions Show 2008, Clostermann now intensifies work on this project and launches the new product line Shooting Galleries with improved technique and a wider range of thematic sceneries.

Adding a new twist to old-time shooting galleries, Clostermann Shooting Galleries attractively combine humour and improved technology to create a vivid interactive attraction. In Clostermann Shooting Galleries not only the classic, moving figures come into operation, but also entertaining video animation on integrated screens. Featuring holistic themed environments, the spectacular sceneries combine mechanical and digital effects to make spectacular, fast-pace entertainment that captivates players.

 “The high demand for our new product shows that the market is open for our innovations and that we can convince with our excellent quality, ” says Matthias Clostermann, CEO of Clostermann design. Among the custom-sized attractions that Clostermann design has already realized is a Deep-Sea Gallery with sneezing sea horses, the Haunted House of the one-eyed living-dead Joseph Visby, a classic Western theme or the crazy medicine laboratory.

Mario Müller from Märchenpark Neusiedler See, Austria is one of the first to offer his guests a Deep-Sea Shooting Gallery in the coming season. “We are excited about the innovative concept – a Deep-Sea world presented as interactive Shooting Gallery. The family-friendly concept with its solely inanimate target items perfectly fits our park that does not only place emphasis on adventure and action but also on the playful encounter with nature. I am convinced that the unique thematic design and the integrated new technologies will be met by great enthusiasm from all of my guests, ” says Müller.  

Known for its strength in designing themed attractions, Clostermann design will now intensify promotion for the Shooting Galleries.

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