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Themed Entertainment: MEDIALON controls the Alexandra Park Race Course in Auckland, New Zealand


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A full Medialon system has been integrated in Alexandra Park, a prestigious horse racing venue in Auckland, New Zealand.

The system was installed by SpyGlass Group Ltd. along with Automation 4 Ltd, a UK-based professional automation and show control designer and programmer, who provided the entire Medialon system programming for this project.

One Medialon Manager V5 Pro license is used as the main A/V and building management control system of Alexandra Park. The installation has been designed to control all the building’s audio visual play out across the race course.

Six projectors and twelve 50” plasma screens located around the bar and other corporate entertainment areas are fed a combination of media by the Medialon control system. Live feeds from the race course internal TV channel together with music, video and advertising material are routed to the various screens.

The Medialon control system runs two touch screen panels which are used to easily control the entire system from the main bar area and control room of Alexandra Park. A Magenta CAT 5 Matrix switch deals with video routing and distribution. An Ashly DSP & amplification system is used to handle all audio processing and distribution. The automation of the projector screens and lifts is also handled by Medialon. Remote inputs and isolated relay outputs interface with the lift mechanics and with a number of local wall mounted switches provide the race course operators with maximum flexibility and control.

Medialon control system also features the capability to automatically generate e-mail reports on the usage of the projectors and system as a whole. This solution allows SpyGlass to lease the projectors to Alexandra Park who is charged per hour for the projector run time. The system automatically e-mails a report to SpyGlass on a weekly basis detailing the exact projector usage for the week. In addition, thanks to the e-mail technical status report sending, the Medialon system allows fast technical assistance when projectors may have abnormal working.

Finally, thanks to a a secure remote VPN connection, Automation 4 Ltd. can provide remote support and commissioning on the system. Due to the 13 hour time difference between the UK and New Zealand, the system update can be requested by SpyGlass, and updated overnight during UK office hours, to ensure that the system is ready for operations at the racecourse the next day.

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