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Themed Entertainment: Medialon Takes Part of The Illuminations of the Tivoli Amusement Park in Denmark


Created in the mid-19th century, Tivoli is one of the world’s oldest amusement parks and Denmark’s most popular tourist attraction located in the centre of Copenhagen.

Visitors can enjoy rides, concerts, parades, gardens, and more!

Since 2002, Tivoli created the “Tivoli Illuminations”, which brings light and color to The Tivoli Lake half an hour before closing time every day during summertime.

Integrated by Informationsteknik, Medialon system takes part of the “Tivoli Illuminations” shows. Installed in and around the Tivoli Lake, the “Tivoli Illuminations” are a true enchantment of senses inspired by the change of the seasons.

This season has been the time of renewal, and new technology has been deployed to upgrade the current installation. One Medialon Manager Lite license controls the 17 water fountains, as well as 12 loud speakers for the music, lasers, and 16 smoke machines placed with moving lights. These spotlights change colors and size of the cones while moving up and down. The largest full color laser machine being found on the world market has also been installed for the “Tivoli Illuminations” shows, and is controlled by Medialon.

Music and lights are synchronized with lasers thanks to Medialon Manager.

“We selected Medialon because we could check the network system over Internet from everywhere and help our client in case of problem” said Peter Colméus, Technical Project Manager from Informationsteknik.

Simply by clicking on one button, Tivoli “guards” can start automatically the show and use a panel to check the status of the equipment dedicated to the show.

The “Tivoli Illuminations” shows run every evening from April to September and in December during Christmas holidays.

About Medialon

Medialon designs user friendly yet powerful, IT based audiovisual control solutions, for simple to mission critical applications such as Museum Media Control, Theme Park Wide and Attraction Control, Live Entertainment Show Control and Corporate Showrooms to name just a few.

Our products range includes Show & Media Control Software, Embedded Controllers, Digital Audio Servers, Scheduling Software, and Redundant Control Servers.

With offices in the USA and Europe and international distributors, Medialon solutions are available worldwide.

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