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Themed Entertainment: Mirage Entertainment in concert with “Chimelong Paradise” hit another homerun in its series of show launches in Asia”


“With the popularity and success of the World’s Largest Stunt Show ‘Danger Island’ at Chimelong Paradise, as well as various other projects we have contracted with Mirage Entertainment, we felt it was yet another opportunity to call upon Mirage to help us with the Lumber Jack show revamp.” “What we had before was a more typical American Lumberjack Contest Exposition. 

Now, with Mirage’s creativity, set design, and operational expertise we have something truly special that utilizes a wide variety of elements to entertain our park visitors” stated Mr. Su, Entertainment Manager, at Chimelong Paradise.

Mark Kadow, Mirage’s Show Director for the North American Lumber Jack Show, states that “we are very pleased with the outcome of the Lumber Jack show, anytime you are doing a revamp it has its inherent challenges as existing props, stage, cast, and creative elements must be utilized whenever possible to stay within budget. Our relationship and trust that we have with Mr. Vincent Wang, Park General Manager, was key as we made many wholesale changes that are not realized until “Showtime”. Mr. Kadow goes on to say, “The original show was a missing the production value of a full blown show vs just an exposition and the show was dated. With the recent enhancements it is highly entertaining. Blending various elements such as competitive lumberjacking skills, dancing, music, and stage comedy has really brought this show to the forefront of entertainment”.

Vincent Wang, Park General Manager, applauded the efforts of Mirage and commented, “I think this is an entertaining, interesting spectacle with hilarious comedic moments”. 

Brad Billington, President/CEO, Mirage Entertainment had this to say, “we couldn’t be more pleased with the partnership that we enjoy with the team at Chimelong Paradise. The North American Lumber Jack show is a great example of the quality shows that we enjoy producing around the World.  The Lumber Jack Show took many unique elements and incorporated them into a stunning masterpiece of chorography, sound, and action. I personally enjoyed the intensity of the Lumberjacking skills with the production value of the dance sequence (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers). Sticks” the Lumberjack show comedian kept the audience and I doubled over with laughter from start to finish. This show is surely to be heralded by many in the industry and around Asia as the 30 minute show of the year… A true must see!.”

About Mirage Entertainment Inc.: 
Mirage Entertainment produces live entertainment worldwide, from one-time events to long-running live-action performances. A full list of productions, along with video clips is available at

Mirage is a U.S.-based company with offices in Taipei, Munich, Los Angeles, Beijing, and Shenzhen.    

Contact:  Brad Billington
Mirage Entertainment, Inc.

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