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TourismROI tops $50 billion of posted tourism investment opportunities


TourismROI LLC, the world’s first global source of information for Travel & Tourism management and investment opportunities, announced that it has exceeded $50 billion of tourism investment opportunities posted to its groundbreaking online portal.
The projects range from small feeder airport investment opportunities in Peru, to Trans-frontier Conservation Area concessions in Swaziland, to pristine beach front properties on native land in Fiji ready for sustainable tourism development. They are all part of the growing database of attractive opportunities supported and hosted by TourismROI.
“For too long, the world’s destinations and government agencies have had to rely on a combination of significant marketing budgets and extreme luck to connect with investors and developers seeking new and exciting opportunities in tourism development, ” said Richard Miller, chief executive officer of TourismROI. “TourismROI brings the networking resources of the internet and the unique organization and structure of its powerful and proprietary database to connect the dots between opportunities and those seeking them.”
Launched in March 2008, TourismROI is a unique centralized source of information for tourism operations, development and investment opportunities worldwide. The web site provides extensive and real-time destination-specific information about the tourism industry, enabling participants to make current and future operating, business and investment decisions, and speeding up the entire investment and business decision-making process.
”The ever-growing collection of tourism investment opportunities that have been posted on TourismROI represent a broad and deep cross section of projects from dozens of countries, ” Miller added. “The opportunity for presenting new projects to investors and assisting developing and developed countries around the world in creating new businesses and new jobs, especially during today’s economic environment, makes our role vital.”
“In many destinations, such as The Tweed, Australia, we’ve paired their tourism investment opportunities with a large portfolio of B2B information that gives the potential investors a detailed overview enabling them to understand the context for the projects themselves. Industry forecasts and growth outlook information about tourism development in the region as well as master plans, marketing and promotion campaigns and infrastructure projects are all part of the 78 categories of B2B information that helps our investors understand the future potential for each opportunity.”

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