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Utopia Entertainment’s Sea Dreams: Making a Splash at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park


Sea Dreams! officially opened in March at Ocean Park, Hong Kong (OPHK) in a theatre sitting upon its high cliffs featuring amazing views of the South China Sea.  Utopia Entertainment worked closely with the OPHK Marine Mammal Staff and Entertainment Team to develop an innovative show – which features for the first time at Ocean Park, musically-timed, choreographed movements by both trainer and animal.
The show features dolphins and sea lions on a new set with slides; including an elevated platform that actually raises the sea lions from the pool level to a stage within the audience, for an exciting up close and personal encounter with the animals. For Ocean Park, this is also the first show to feature a show specific custom designed set, costumes (wetsuits), original musical score and professional show scripting and direction. 

“It’s the first time in the history of Ocean Park where the trainers and animals actually follow the musical score, much like dancers would in a ballet.  The final product is a seamless integration of man and animal in perfect harmony, ” stated UEI President, Daniel Burzlaff. 

The show is also unique because it features a custom musical track that integrates three languages; a first for Utopia Entertainment.  The show is presented in a seamless blend of Cantonese, Mandarin and English for the wide variety of visitors that enjoy Ocean Park. 

The emotional story features a grandfather explaining to his granddaughter the tale of man’s first encounter with animals and the transition over thousands of years that has helped man recognize them as partners on this great earth.  Telling the story through action are: amazing dolphin acrobatics, intimate human and animal behaviors, humorous sea lion antics and an incredible choreographed finale scene that has been described as “liquid fireworks!”  

“Working with Utopia Entertainment on this project was a great collaboration, " stated OPHK Entertainment Director, Todd Hougland. “From the initial creative meeting through opening day, it felt as if Danny and the Utopia staff were a part of the Ocean Park team. They were able to work effectively with our Marine Mammal Department and our Entertainment production team to help deliver an excellent new show that meets our objectives of connecting people with nature through education and entertainment.”

Utopia specifically provided: scripting, art direction and set design, costume design, original musical score, show direction and production support.

Utopia Entertainment, Inc., with production offices in Los Angeles, California, is a leading provider of entertainment solutions for clients around the globe. Utopia Entertainment’s Design, Production, and Operations groups all focus on a singular goal: Providing “World Class” themed entertainment experiences for commercial applications worldwide.

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For more information please contact Rebecca Pontius at Utopia Entertainment, Inc., 661-254-9943, or visit us on the web at

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