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Welcome to Houston Zoo’s African Forest with help from The Nassal Company


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After more than six years of planning, The African Forest opened at The Houston Zoo in December, 2010.

“The African Forest at the Houston Zoo is a one-of-a-kind journey, where you will encounter a diversity of wildlife in an immersive environment and fascinating characters set in a context of discovery.” Brian Hill, Houston Zoo Director of Public Affairs

The Nassal Company was the rockwork contractor for this amazing project.  Some of the features completed by The Nassal Company include 20 ft high concrete earth bank walls with huge tree planters, a 50 ft lava tunnel, mysterious cave featuring the Koolookamba, Chimpanzee playground featuring large climbing trees with structural steel interior support completed by Nassal’s newest company; Nassal Metal Works

African Forest attraction includes ten chimpanzees, three white rhinos, kudu, antelope, and ostrich along with giraffes and cheetahs taking up new residences

       For more information on the African Forest at the Houston Zoo:

For more information on The Nassal Company and Nassal Metal Works:

Photo credit: Stephanie Adams from the Houston Zoo


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