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Habo is a strategic consulting studio in finance and marketing that provides strategic planning and market/consumer intelligence.

Habo is a strategic studio that provides strategic planning and market/consumer intelligence.

Our mission is to help entertainment, lifestyle and creative organisations succeed by bringing data, science and strategy to the industry. We work alongside our clients to empower them to seize opportunities and thrive in changing markets. Habo helps organisations make the best decisions and get high-impact results.

What we do

Habo has years of experience and a dedicated team of experts. Our insights and research help companies large and small develop and instigate game plans that deliver long-term benefits based on specific business needs and objectives. We can help if you want to explore new sectors or need new perspectives and ideas.

Our six areas of expertise are:

  • Market analysis
  • Marketing research
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing and brand strategy
  • Financial strategy
  • Intellectual Property strategy

Market analysis

Habo helps our clients understand the market potential of their service or product. To do this, we consider the attractiveness of their product or service and of the market, as well as the competitive environment and key trends and success factors.

By conducting a market analysis, our clients can understand the value creation potential of their product and what steps they need to take to bring it to market.

Marketing research

Data helps to align consumers’ needs with our client’s business strategy and value proposition. Our marketing research fits within a broader strategic planning process or market analysis.

We help clients understand consumers, markets and consumer segments to help them inform their personal business strategies. Marketing research also helps them to evaluate brand health and performance, and the performance of marketing campaigns.

Strategic planning

We partner with clients to create solutions and strategic plans that are ready to deploy. As companies grow and evolve, it can be difficult for them to see what changes need to be made. At Habo, we help these businesses clarify and reassess their goals.

  • We analyse a company’s current and potential markets
  • We determine the best path for growth
  • We introduce new value propositions
  • We optimise a company’s financial stability

Marketing and brand strategy

Habo helps organisations understand their target audience as well as how their brand is perceived. Our marketing and brand strategy begins by defining the core elements of a company’s brand. We then develop a strategy to communicate those core elements within the market.

Habo is able to examine customer behaviour to learn what drives them to choose a product or service. We can then help a company align their business strategies with their marketing strategies.

Financial strategy

During our financial strategy services, we help organisations understand their financial structure according to their business model. This helps them to understand their key business drivers which will allow them to optimise their value.

As part of this, Habo identifies and designs the most efficient business model, models projections according to management goals and market demands, as well as optimises the organisation’s financial structure.

IP strategy

Intellectual Property is key to helping organisations attract large audiences and create engaging experiences. IPs help entertainment companies gain a competitive advantage and help reduce the level of risk.

Habo has extensive expertise in evaluating, building and optimising IPs. We have proprietary methodologies, benchmarks and tools to help organisations leverage the power of IPs for cultural, creative and entertainment experiences.

We help clients build and develop IPs to maximise their value, validate the potential of an IP and identity the IPs that most resonate with their target consumers. We are also able to assess the financial value of an IP based on a consumer’s willingness to spend.

What makes Habo different

At Habo, we listen to our clients to fully understand their needs. We then use data to clearly understand what steps need to be taken. Finally, we create a concise and straightforward plan that is easy for our clients to put into practice.

5605 Av. de Gaspé, suite 205
Montréal (Québec)
H2T 2A4, Canada

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5605 Av. de Gaspé, suite 205 Montréal (Québec) H2T 2A4, Canada
50 Carroll Street Toronto, M4M3G3, Canada​

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