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movemotions is a full-service media production agency specialising in video production and content across the attractions industry. 

mov(e)motions is a full-service production agency specialising in video production across the attractions industry.

Since 2000, Christian Ahuis and Sascha Budde have been producing videos at mov(e)motions in and for amusement parks. No other production company in the world has so much experience in this field. Clients of mov(e)motions value our knowledge of the leisure industry and can rely on us to know what matters.

Videos have become increasingly important in recent years for the emotional presentation of companies, amusement parks and individual attractions. Thanks to sites like YouTubeVimeo and Facebook, videos have become an important tool for finding out about new attractions, theme parks and trends.

We handle the whole of your production from consulting, conception, production and post-production to the integration of the films into the desired media and their delivery in all conceivable formats and across the world. Did you know, for example, that in Dubai you need a special filming licence even if you are filming on private ground or that China has different drone laws than Thailand? In the last 20 years, we have built up an extremely useful stock of “travel know-how”.

But there are also new technical demands. The issue of 4K videos is becoming increasingly salient. But 360° videos have also become an important part of our work in recent years. Our services include:

  • Corporate videos
  • Event documentary
  • Attraction videos
  • Company Profiles
  • Pre-show videos
  • Training videos for attraction personnel
  • TV Spots
  • B-Roll material for press openings
  • Construction documentary
  • Drone videos
  • Photoproductions
  • 360° and Virtual-Reality (VR) photos and videos
  • Computer generated images (CGI)
  • Video animation
  • Corporate Identity development
  • Design of advertisements / brochures / flyers and more

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Studio Krefeld:
Ostwall 166-168
47802 Krefeld / Germany
+49 (0)2151 – 62 22 021


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Ostwall 166, Krefeld, Germany

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