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Falcon’s Creative Group presents ÄEONXP ecosystem

New product will allow guests to enjoy a personalised experience across a range of venues

AEONXP-Falcons Creative

Falcon’s Creative Group, the entertainment design firm, has announced its latest product, the ÄEONXP ecosystem. This user-interfacing application is the first of its kind in the themed entertainment industry, as the company works on the future of immersive entertainment experiences.

ÄEONXP will bring multifaceted levels of engagement to guests, meaning they can enjoy a personalised experience across a range of venues, from theme parks, LBE venues and individual attractions to live events and branded destinations. It can be networked across many different sites and experiences.

AEONXP-Falcons Creative

Next-gen gamification

The innovative software will let guests be a part of a more immersive and gamified world, where they have more agency and can directly influence gameplay with their choices and actions. They can even take their personalised avatar beyond the venue for extended role-playing opportunities.

When guests interact with an ÄEONXP powered experience, this is tracked in real-time and the surrounding react to their actions. This means that what the guest does will influence or change the narrative during their visit to the venue, allowing for many different possibilities, and therefore high repeatability. With their ÄEONXP profile, a visitor can enjoy a wide range of personalised experiences, upgrades and rewards,

The experiences continue after their visit too, as guests can still access their profile to view their scores, earn extra points, update their profiles and unlock more possibilities for their next visit. Users can even exchange their points for physical or digital rewards.

“The ÄEONXP ecosystem represents the ultimate combination of attraction design, multiplayer gaming, and immersive cross-platform storytelling,” says Cecil D. Magpuri, president and chief creative officer of Falcon’s Creative Group. “In a way, it’s a hybrid solution because it directly benefits owners and operators as well as guests who seek a more personalized experience.”

Driving return visits and guest loyalty

For operators, ÄEONXP is an easy to roll out solution that allows them to deliver a branded experience and to gain useful guest data, which can then be used to develop personalised rewards and offers, which will in turn drive loyalty and boost revenue across the whole venue. Each deployment is also customised to the venue for a seamless expansion of its immersive entertainment offer.

AEONXP-Falcons Creative

Katmandu Parks has already committed to rolling out ÄEONXP to both its existing and upcoming destinations around the world.

Earlier this year, the company also unveiled the ON!X Theater which brings together action-based gameplay, responsive real-time feedback and dynamic special effects to reinvent the classic 4D interactive theatre experience.

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