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Alterface rolls out interactive ride Popcorn Revenge as turnkey solution

Alterface popcorn revenge

Alterface, a leader in interactive technology, will be showcasing Popcorn Revenge as a turnkey solution at IAAPA Expo Europe.

Alterface is pleased to announce that it is rolling out its interactive Popcorn Revenge dark ride as a turnkey solution for family and regional theme parks. The ride is already proving popular, with a successful first few months at Walibi Belgium where it has quickly become a visitor favourite.

Popcorn Revenge has been nominated for a raft of awards since its launch, such as the AV Awards, European Star Awards, Worldofparks Awards and the Park World Excellence Awards. The popcorn IP is also winning fans in Asia. The full turnkey solution includes the dark ride, IP and merchandise.

Turnkey solution

“The park provides the space and fits the attraction into its themed areas at an affordable budget, whilst the Alterface team takes care of the ride building, IP and merchandising as a full-service,” says Alterface CEO & Founder Benoit Cornet. It is an ideal solution for smaller parks, as it can be built with a footprint of only 500 metres squared. It can also be located within an existing building or infrastructure. The ride has a capacity of around 600 people per hour.

The ride is based on Alterface’s Erratic Ride technology –  a non-linear ride concept. It provides visitors with unique experiences, as the ride vehicles take different routes. The scene lengths and gameplay levels adapt according to individual scoring. The popcorn IP is present throughout different scenes in the cinema theatre, shaping up as pirates, superheroes, horror, space and many other characters.


Profitable & evergreen attraction

The popcorn merchandising adds value to the visitor experience, as well as generating sales. This flexible and universal IP works in any environment.

Cornet says: “Contrary to the usual approach of a company “selling” limited rights to use a portion of their IP, Alterface introduces a more accessible solution. The Popcorn Revenge IP provides access to a wide range of merchandising products. Profits are shared and a significant portion is being re-invested in the IP itself, which eventually also benefits the park. This IP is a constantly evolving asset, both in media and in merchandising, leading to more brand appeal. We believe this is the best way to secure an evergreen media-based attraction.”

Telling a story

Popcorn Revenge Just Pop ItPopcorn Revenge at Walibi Belgium immerses guests into an exciting story throughout, from the queue line onwards. Jora Vision designed the decor and theming for the ride, including popcorn movie posters, ticketing machines and the pop-o-matic where the popcorns are created and come to ‘life’.

According to the story, the popcorns are fed up of being eaten and missing the end of the movies. They revolt and start attacking the cinema guests, causing havoc. Riders use a caramel dispenser to ‘fight’ the popcorns and take back control of the venue. The ride uses a variety of projection techniques, video mapping, 3D shooting and special effects.

Combined with “choreography” and a central dispatch room with varying light and show elements, transitions between scenes are all part of the exciting story. Top scorers are even rewarded with special hidden ‘easter egg’ scenes.

A unique experience

“We invite everyone to visit our booth at IAAPA Expo Europe to find the best solution for their venue. The interactive Popcorn Revenge dark ride is easy to implement with an interesting revenue scheme. This is truly a no-brainer for any park wanting to offer a unique and high-quality experience to their visitors.” says Cornet.

The team can be found at booth #2732. IAAPA Expo Europe takes place from the 16th – 19th September at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.

The company recently announced the appointment of Gillian Basso to the role of Chief Information Officer. He will be responsible for driving further innovation and securing the company’s leadership position in the industry.

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