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Europa-Park set to launch VEEJOY on-demand streaming service

Europa-Park, Germany’s largest theme park, is set to launch a new streaming platform called VEEJOY, offering podcasts, movies and more.

Europa Park Wodan

Europa-Park, the largest theme park in Germany, is launching a new streaming platform known as VEEJOY. The service will offer on-demand theme park content.

“VEEJOY combines all types of media content and will bring them together on a modern platform,” Europa-Park said. “VEEJOY will bring the Europa-Park Resort magic to you” 

“Users will be waking up to exciting audio plays in the morning, listen to the ‘EUROPA Radio Talk’ podcast on their way home from work or end the day with one of the MackNeXT and MackMedia movies for the whole family.”

VEEJOY users will get to enjoy audio plays, the Europa Radio Talk podcast, MackNeXT and MackMedia movies, and behind-the-scenes footage from Europa-Park.

“With VEEJOY, stories from Europa-Park and Rulantica can now be experienced anywhere and anytime,” Europa-Park added.

Europa-Park podcasts and movies on VEEJOY

The platform boasts behind-the-scenes footage of attractions such as Ed & Edda in Chaos in Wonderland, Madame Freudenreich Curiosités, and the Adventure Club of Europe.

Europa-Park recently launched an underwater virtual reality (VR) experience called ‘Snorri Snorkeling VR’, following the successful opening of YULLBE.

Created by MackNeXT and VR Coaster, YULLBE features ‘Mission Rulantica’ and ‘Traumatica’ experiences. Snorri Snorkeling VR takes guests on a virtual dive to Rulantica, Europa-Park’s indoor water park.

“With Rulantica we have created an imaginative story world that is full of ideas,” said Michael Mack, managing partner of Europa-Park and founder of MackNeXT.

“And with ‘Snorri Snorkeling VR’ we are offering our guests another great new innovation which already enables children to experience an exciting VR journey around the mystical island of Rulantica.”

Images: Europa-Park

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