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Europa-Park launches ‘Snorri Snorkeling’ underwater VR experience

Europa-Park has launched an underwater VR experience called ‘Snorri Snorkeling VR‘ following the successful opening of YULLBE.

snorri snorkeling vr europa-park

Europa-Park has announced the launch of Snorri Snorkeling VR, which comes after the opening of YULLBE. Created by MackNeXT and VR Coaster, YULLBE offers ‘Mission Rulantica’ and ‘Traumatica’ experiences.

Snorri Snorkeling VR guests will get the chance to swim like a fish, float with mythical creatures and explore an abandoned shipwreck on the ocean floor.

Following the successful opening of YULLBE in September 2020, Snorri Snorkeling VR takes guests on a virtual dive to Rulantica, Europa-Park’s indoor water park.

VR journey to Rulantica water park

Snorri Snorkeling VR is available to adults and children aged over 12, who can enjoy an aquatic-style tour of the legendary island of Rulantica alongside the octopus Snorri.

“With Rulantica we have created an imaginative story world that is full of ideas,” said Michael Mack, managing partner of Europa-Park and founder of MackNeXT.

“And with ‘Snorri Snorkeling VR’ we are offering our guests another great new innovation which already enables children to experience an exciting VR journey around the mystical island of Rulantica.”

Snorri Snorkeling VR is available to guests of Rulantica, although a separate ticket is required. It was also developed and implemented by MackNeXT in partnership with VR Coaster.

snorri snorkeling vr europa-park

Located close to Rulantica and Europa-Park’s sixth themed hotel Krønasår, YULLBE is a free-roaming VR experience, available in German, English and French.

“Our in-house innovation department, together with VR Coaster, have achieved another great success with YULLBE,” said Mack. “This unique VR experience can bring entire worlds to life and create a new level of entertainment.”

Last year, Europa-Park celebrated the reopening of its beloved family attraction Pirates in Batavia, which was destroyed in a fire at the German theme park in 2018.

Images: Europa-Park

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