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Holovis Selects Barco Projectors For Bobbejaanland’s Immersive Tunnel Ride


Barco projectors are helping to create the illusion of ‘another world’ in a new dark ride at Bobbejaanland, Belgium.

When owners, Parques Reunidos, were looking to add a new attraction for 2015, they considered both a roller coaster and a dark ride. It was clear from the public’s response that a dark ride was favourite.

Holovis Selects Barco Projectors For Bobbejaanland's Immersive Tunnel Ride‘The Forbidden Caves’ Immersive Tunnel ride is the first in Benelux and the world’s first all-electric solution.

Visitors sit in a motion-based tram-like vehicle that pitches, heaves and rolls in sync with the onscreen action. To maximise the immersive experience, Holovis Attractions used seven Barco F85 units to create a curved, five-meter tall, 12, 000 x 10, 500 resolution display which ‘wraps around’ the riders.

“The ‘full field of vision’ projected 3D media coordinates with the dynamic pitch, roll and heave of the vehicle to create an almost unprecedented illusion of reality, ” says Stuart Hetherington, CEO of Holovis Attractions. “The secret to immersive attractions is for all the elements to be truly integrated and synced. The technical elements brought the story to life to really capture and engage the audience. This puts them at the heart of the narrative, so that technology isn’t just being used for the sake of it.”

Roland Kleve, CEO, Bobbejaanland says he is delighted with the new attraction: “Thanks to the highly technical execution of the immersive tunnel – including projection, spatial audio, smell even and the operational benefits of all-electric motion and ride technology –, Holovis managed to create an amazing visitor experience, giving riders the feeling of being in another world.”

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