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Ocean Park reveals high-tech Halloween plans

ocean park mine train

Ocean Park’s annual Halloween Fest will use latest technology to scare visitors. The event runs from 5 to 31 October and will feature 11 haunted attractions and 13 unique experiences.

Attractions for 2018 include Hospital of Horrors: a “torch-in-hand” walk-through themed to an abandoned hospital. The interactive torches flash, vibrate and make sounds.

Eva Au Yeung, Events & Entertainment Director, Ocean Park, said: “We hope that by adding classic horror elements and interactive technology to Hospital of Horrors, the guest experience will be further enhanced with a series of new twists to create a haunted memory they will never forget. Guests may think that holding a torch will reduce the scare levels, but the scenes will in fact respond to the torches, providing an ultimate dark exploration experience for them. A little hint for guests is to point the torch at every corner in the haunted house. They’ll be surprised by what happens!”

Ocean Park will add a new Virtual Reality (VR) overlay to the Mine Train ride to create Halloween Mine Train presented by SAMSUNG GEAR VRVR Morgue will also be a VR attraction, combining physical sensation with virtual images.

The park will also introduce an underwater themed maze: Dark Waters and circus-themed attraction Circus of the Damned.

Joel Brett Talacko, Halloween Show Director of Ocean Park, said, “It is challenging for the team to create different scenes within a limited space. Take Dark Waters as an example, the team introduced special lighting and mirrors to create optical illusions including a larger sense of space, where guests will feel like they are falling into deep water. To make the deep sea scene even more realistic we also added pools, leaking pipes and a large water tank. Guests will walk through a foggy pathway full of clammy seaweed, so be prepared that you may slightly get wet.”

During day time, Circus of the Dammed becomes a carnival called Circus of Wonder.

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Michael Mander

Michael Mander

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