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Polin Waterpark’s Mini Turbolance Debuts at Chimelong, China


Chimelong Waterpark, Guangzhou, China , the world’s second-highest-attended waterpark in the world, chose Polin for the new kids’ attractions in the park. 
Polin has recently focused on the development of pint-sized versions of its extreme adult rides. Creating smaller attractions that offer the same thrill but that also meet the company’s extreme safety measures is a real challenge, says Dr. Kubilay Alpdogan, of Polin. But the company makes innovation one of its top priorities. “So developing a kid-sized version of our Turbolance was something we couldn’t pass up, ” he added.
A Giant Among Waterparks

Chimelong Waterpark opened in May 2007. The waterpark covers 400, 000 square meters and has few stand-alone waterpark competitors in the region. The aquatic facility’s attractions are numerous. The park can accommodate 50, 000 guests a day.
Extreme Offerings for the Small Set

Designing a mini version of the Turbolance gave Polin engineers the opportunity to create a first-of-its-kind offering for Chimelong. No other park in the world includes this waterslide, which allows parents to take their children on a ride that is much more thrilling than the typical slide found in children’s areas.

chimelong china polin waterparks kids attraction
Themed with the image of a large pink and purple snake along whose “body” riders slide, the new kid-sized Turbolance requires riders to be at least 1 meter high. It offers the same extreme feel of its namesake but on a scale that allows kids to feel comfortable. Parent and child ride together in a double tube down a steep drop, which provides momentum that swiftly propels them vertically uphill. They then slide down backwards over another bump before splashing down in the exit pool. Having their parents at their side on the slide gives kids confidence to experience a ride from which they might otherwise shy away.
The “Mini Turbolance” offers several advantages to parks interested in adding the attraction to their site. First, it offers the same thrilling rider experience as the adult-sized one, just on a smaller scale. Second, it can be designed to match whatever custom theme a park prefers. Finally, it is very inexpensive, especially compared to the experience it delivers to your guests. Families are looking for new ways to have fun together, and the mini Turbolance offers that type of exciting experience they can remember for years to come.
Additional Options for Youngsters

Polin also designed several “traditional” style slides for Chimelong’s children’s area. These fun and creative options include:

  • Kid-Sized Wide Slide. Kids get the thrill of the adult-sized version of this slide on a scale that allows them to ride with one another.
  • Mini Pirate Ship. This attraction, with a friendly pirate theme, is particularly attractive to parks with space constraints.
  • Octopus Slide. This colorful play area features six arms, three that act as stairs and three that serve as slides.
  • Baby Octopus Slide. One of Polin’s newest slides, this attraction provides a smaller version of its larger namesake.
  • Cobra Slide. Children who meet this caricatured creature often decide snakes are one of their favorite animals after a day spent slipping down its reptilian body.
  • Penguin Shower. Guests of all ages enjoy standing beneath the waterfall pouring from this giant polar penguin’s beak.
  • Dolphin Fountain. Originally designed as a mascot, the dolphin releases a shower of cooling water while adding a fun themed element to your children’s area.

The newest attractions were the main feature when Chimelong recently opened for its summer season. They maintain the regular expansion schedule the park has followed since it debuted, including a major expansion only a year after its unveiling. The new rides help spread crowds out over the entire park and avoid congestion by offering a wide variety of options from which guests can choose.

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