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Ride Entertainment Showcase Credit Karma Branded Strike-U-Up™ Ride from Skyline Attractions


Ride Entertainment, a world leader in providing Sales, Operations, Financial Partnerships, and Installations to the attractions industry, showcases the branded Strike-U-Up™ ride.

The Credit Karma-themed Strike-U-Up™ has been a hit at some of California’s largest festivals: LACINCO in April, the San Diego Cinco De Mayo event in May, the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade in mid-June and the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach July 25th-31st. 

Adam Sandy, Ride Entertainment’s Chief Business Development Officer, said that this is a continuation of the unique ways ride and attractions can be used to promote a brand: “From Slingshot rides being used in New York Life insurance commercials to dark rides based upon comic book IP’s to the Strike-U-Up™ being Ride Entertainment Showcase Credit Karma Branded Strike-U-Up™ Ride from Skyline Attractionsthe centerpiece of Credit Karma’s festival buy, we see amusement rides being the center of unique advertising campaigns and consumer outreach programs. These rides hold a special place in our hearts and memories and you can see that when advertisers want to reach their customers at a different level, they choose a ride from manufacturers like Skyline Attractions to reach their customers’ emotional core.”

Sam Port, the Associate Creative Director at the event marketing company PROSCENIUM was charged with creating a unique brand outreach strategy for Credit Karma and was drawn to the unique gaming/ride/spectacle combination of the Strike-U-Up™ ride when he saw it at IAAPA.  In this one-of-a-kind gaming and ride experience, you and your partner compete against up to 8 other duos, to be first to hoist your team-mate to the top of the tower.

Port said, “Our intention for the Credit Karma festival experience was twofold – attract attention to the branded area, as well as encourage on-site account activations. The idea of credit scores is not particularly exciting, so we wanted to associate Credit Karma with something much more fun and accessible.  The ride truly stands out in a sea of sameness…its height, colorful branded design, and interactivity has caused festival-goers to stop in their tracks….perfect when trying to promote positive brand awareness. We’ve really enjoyed our partnership with Skyline, and commend them on developing a truly unique attraction.”

PROSCENIUM worked with Skyline Attractions to turn the Strike-U-Up™ into a branded experience. Evan Souliere, one of Skyline Attraction’s partners, said, “We formed Skyline with the mission to constantly develop new, innovative, and unique attractions for the amusement industry, and what better way to introduce ourselves to the market than by creating a new genre of attraction: GamesURide™. It has been a blast to work with PROSCENIUM and Credit Karma on a unique, custom project like this California festival tour.”

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