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ROLLER platform allows for time-based visitation management

ROLLER timed ticketing

ROLLER, the ticketing, CRM and POS specialist, can help attractions reopen safely after the COVID-19 pandemic with time-based visitation management.

ROLLER is pleased to be helping attractions reopen smoothly and safely, thanks to the time-based visitation management capabilities of its software platform. In a post-COVID-19 world, operators will need a reliable solution to manage capacity and ensure they maintain appropriate social distancing.

Timed ticketing helps attractions to manage capacity and keep to a sensible maximum amount of visitors. Guests will be more confident visiting venues where it is clear that operators are putting their safety first and have put in measures to avoid crowding and large queues. Timed ticketing also guarantees entry for guests, meaning they are not disappointed by being turned away.

roller booking platform

Timed ticketing

Scan the QR code to see an example of ROLLER’s booking platform

Many of the big players in the attractions world will be implementing timed entry and capacity management processes following the pandemic. ROLLER’s technology makes achieving this goal simple and straightforward and is already used by several busy attractions such as Circus Trix, the world’s largest trampoline park operator. Circus Trix has been operating this type of visitor management model for a long time.

ROLLER’s platform is cloud-based and is simple to set up and use. It can be used by a variety of businesses, from small parks to large chains of FECs. The platform allows operators to capture visitors’ contact details, meaning they can be contacted in the event of an outbreak or asked for feedback on the new guest experience. It can also provide digital liability waivers, allowing guests to review and agree to the attendance regulations before they buy tickets.

Christopher Pike, IT Manager at Scenic World says, “we have used ROLLER’s time ticketing functionality during our busiest times, and it has worked really well to create an even flow of guests. Utilisation of this capability will be key to the way we re-engage with our customers when we reopen.”

ROLLER flatten visitation curve

Using time-based visitation management will help attractions to flatten the ‘visitation curve’ and improve the ability of the industry to recover from the impact of the pandemic, while also keeping guests and employees safe.  To find out more on ROLLER’s time-based ticketing solution, click here.

Earlier this year, ROLLER announced that it has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) as a Select Tier Technology Partner.

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