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Amusement Parks: Fairytale Town – a Potted History

Fairytale Town is an amusement park located in William Land Park – commonly referred to as ‘Land Park’ – in Sacramento, California.

The amusement park was given as a gift to the Sacramento City Council in 1955 and a board of advisors called the ‘Friends of Fairytown Inc.’ was set up a year later to oversee its development. Initially, the board raised in excess of $80, 000 from local businesses, organisations and individuals who had been encouraged to “show their love of children in a practical way”. The amusement park finally opened to the public in 1959.

An historic commemoration of the amusement park’s 20th anniversary celebrations in 1979 revealed that, since its conception, over 5 million people have passed through its gates. 

Today, the amusement park is run as a not for profit organisation and is primarily supported by financial help from the public. The amusement park serves a wide audience of visitors spanning a wide geographical area and a broad socio-economic background. It also offers free admission to disabled children and those from low-income families. 

It is estimated that the amusement park is visited by almost 200, 000 visitors every year. It has over 25 themed sets which give young children the chance to act out their favourite fantasy tales whilst giving them playful exercise at the same time. 

Visitors to the amusement park, which is set in 2.5 acres of land, can meet Peter Rabbit, join Robin Hood’s band of Merry Men in Sherwood Forest, climb down Jack’s Beanstalk and take a ride in Cinderella’s carriage to name just a few of its attractions.

There have been further significant improvements to the amusement park to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2009. Interactive literacy signs have been added to the amusement park to encourage youngsters to memorise the words of the nursery rhymes, walkways have been replaced and improved and a new set called the Yellow Brick Road has been introduced. 

The amusement park pledges to continue improving the park and to offer even more educational and multicultural programmes to ensure that it continues to be as special for the children of today and tomorrow, just as it was for those back in 1959.

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