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Alterface and Clostermann Design are to present the latest developments in their ambitious project for an interactive haunted house at the National Haunt & Attractions Show


Alterface and Clostermann Design presented at the last IAAPA fair, in November 2008 in Orlando, their joint project for an interactive haunted house. Four months later, the project has become a reality and the National Haunt & Attractions Show will offer the two partners an opportunity to provide some details on it. The great enthusiasm shown after the unveiling of the realistic scale model underlined that this was a much-anticipated event – awaited not only by fans of the genre but also by the whole entertainment industry. A new and very realistic scale model and the latest details will be presented to visitors at booth 802 in the America’s Center, 701 Convention Plaza in St Louis, Missouri, USA.

The pitch

It’s the 1920s. Carli Winepeg, a young actress and silent movies star who focuses on horror films, has disappeared with all her film crew in a dark medieval castle in Transylvania. The shooting of the movie ‘Castle of Chaos’ will not be completed. 

Eighty years later, the mystery has still not been solved and has in fact given rise to a legend. The inquiry revealed that Carli Winepeg was a rather strange character. She was for example always accompanied by her loyal and mysterious big black dog, which behaved just as aggressively as its mistress. If she is alive now, Winepeg could still terrify many people. But here’s the question: Is she really dead?

The castle itself has turned into a tourist attraction… Yet strange things still appear to be happening there and the inhabitants of the nearby village have tried to warn off people curious to learn more. Enter at your peril…

The attraction

Gathered on a rotating platform, sitting on themed seats, the disoriented players quickly move from one screen to another. They are armed with a pistol and try to react to the many surprises that spring up everywhere. The 3D images are completed with real effects in the room, while the raging elements, lights and sounds create a unique and frightening atmosphere. Projected on the screen, the players are at the mercy of the terrifying Carli and the creatures that surround her.

About Alterface

Founded in 2001, Alterface develops, markets and implements interactive entertainment and/or education solutions. Initially a spin-off from the Université catholique de Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve), Alterface today has 25 employees at its site in Belgium and a representative office in Los Angeles (USA). The company’s exclusive technology and expertise enable it to position itself as a key contact for its many clients, theme parks and museums, located all over the world. 

Discover Alterface’s know-how by visiting its website:

You can also find Alterface on Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia and LinkedIn.

About Clostermann Design

Clostermann Design designs and fabricates themed attractions. Our clients are theme parks, museums, themed FEC’s. As a one-stop-shop we offer you design and visualization services in the early stages of your project, as well as the turnkey manufacturing of all themed elements, such as animatronics, interactive exhibits, scenic work and murals. Our approach is to serve you with what is best for your business – whether you want to create a small family entertainment center inside a shopping mall, create an attractive museum exhibition or build a large scale theme park from scratch. Our mission is to merge successfully art, technology and business demands to a finished attraction product for you that boosts your business and enthralls your visitors. Take a closer look at what we do, and at the technology we employ to make the magic happen for you! We look forward to become your trusted partner on your next project!

For more information, visit:

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