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Bleeding Art Industries Collaborates with 3D Media Production and Laser Presentation Companies in Developing 4D Business


Special effects company Bleeding Art Industries is collaborating with Laser Productions and DB Entertainment to create unique, integrated, temporary and permanent installations using lasers, 3D Stereoscopic Imaging and custom fabrication to create 4D environments.

"Everyone who has been following the motion picture business knows that all the major studios are moving over to 3D formats; this is the wave of the future and there are many applications where this can be used in theme parks and other attractions, and not just in the movie theatre. From advertising opportunities to promotional, seasonal, and more, the sky’s the limit" says Bleeding Art founder Leo Wieser.

"With Bleeding Art’s fabrication and special effects expertise, the laser technology available from Laser Productions, and the 3D Stereoscopic Imaging from DB Entertainment, there are fantastic opportunities to create a totally experiential 3D/4D environment for customers. This is truly the cutting edge of entertainment and education."

Bleeding Art Industries is an award-winning special effects and fabrication company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It has won numerous awards including First Place for Best Exhibit in its category as a first time exhibitor at IAAPA Expo 2008. More information is available at

DB Entertainment ( specializes in international film and television production co-ventures and now 3D stereoscopic content. 

Laser Productions ( is a professional laser show company that has been taking laser lights to a wide variety of customers from event planners and night clubs, to corporate openings and launches. 

Contact Bleeding Art Industries at 403-236-0025 or for more information on how the 4D applications can be used in themed attractions. 

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