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Dolphin Kisses : Sub Sea System’s most flirtatious new program, Dolphin Trek™


If you’re lucky enough, you just might be able to grab a kiss from the newest underwater celebrities at the eco-park Xel-Ha in the Riviera Maya. These majestic dolphins are now part of Sub Sea System’s latest program Dolphin Trek™–– a spin-off of the popular helmet diving system, Sea Trek®.

Opening in December of 2008, Dolphin Trek™ is the world’s only program where guests can witness the beauty, grace and power of dolphins swimming
underwater. Eight trekkers per tour, ages 8 and up, don a specialized, high-tech observation helmet and descend to a depth of approximately 15 ft. Once guests reach the bottom of the underwater ladder, a dolphin greets and escorts the participants to the staging area. When the group arrives, the show begins! Participants will feel the rush of water as the agile dolphins jump to extreme heights and torpedo back into the depths. During the Dolphin Trek™ adventure, guests learn how to direct the dolphins through a series of hand signals. The spirited dolphins dance, hug, wave, jump out of the water and will even give some guests a kiss. Dolphin Trek™ offers the safest, most intimate dolphin encounter on the planet! Unlike other dolphin encounters, this is all dolphins, all the time…

The unique helmet diving system used in Dolphin Trek™is extremely safe and there is no certification or swimming skill necessary. As long as you can walk and breathe, you can Dolphin Trek™. The weighted helmets allow guests to walk comfortably underwater while experiencing near zero gravity. A continuous supply of fresh air is pumped into each helmet, allowing guests to remain completely dry from the shoulders up. Participants can wear prescription glasses, and female guests will not have to worry about make-up running.

Dolphin Trek™ is the best way to intimately interact with these beautiful mammals and is a memorable activity for the entire family. For more information
please check out our website at:

Contact: Sub Sea Systems E-mail:
Tel.: (530) 626-0100 6524 Commerce Way
Fax: (530) 626-0113 Diamond Springs, California 95619

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