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Enhanced Leisure and Tourism – Baghdad, IRAQ


According to Yaqut (i . 448 f.) and the Lisan el-‘Arab (xiii . 72) mankind were swept together by winds into the plain afterwards called "Babil".  Here again at the closing of the year 2008 a disparate group of individuals and groups come together to restore, if only as one unified theme, Mesopotamia and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

If there were others, we do not know of them, but this is the third study into bringing entertainment, recreation, family fun attraction facility to the city of Baghdad. This current effort and interest is generated by local Baghdad citizens with recognition of a need, a market and the growing security. 

“Baghdad is improving at a fast rate its security situation. Shops/restaurants are now open until 11pm, with no curfews. The surge has worked quite well, and improvements in the security will continue now since the security pact was ratified in parliament. All of this is very encouraging. But yet, there are no entertainment facilities in Baghdad and the rest of Iraq. The demographics is skewed to younger age groups, with the median age being just under 20 yrs of age, and 40% of the population under 15yrs of age. The market is there and standards of living are improving. All the factors point to a potentially large market for entertainment consumption.” Resident of Baghdad, he continues: “My idea regarding the theme, would heavily involve the theme of Mesopotamia, particularly focusing on Babylon (Tower of Babil, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Rivers of Babylon), which is a neutral and highly appealing theme to all Iraqis.”

Presently the Iraqi group is conducting a Feasibility Study. A Basic Service, ( as Investor Relations and Master planner, has located potential investors in North America. The Iraqi group originally discovered their initial investors which gave impetus to this study and further funding search by A Basic Service.

One development idea comes from North America, ag-tourism and vertical marketing.

We want a mirror image of our entertainment project, to reflect the Iraq fish farming report:

200 percent profit. With vertical marketing, we have “aquarium”, fish, pizza and entertainment. Go figure! We want the second profitable product to be leisure entertainment.


HILLA, Iraq – Iraqis are very fond of ‘mazgouf’, fish split open and cooked over a wood fire.

‘Right now fish is the only product being produced in Iraq that has an over 200 percent profit margin, and it’s because there’s such a shortage, ‘ said Duane Stone, a U.S. fish farmer who is an advisor for the project.

Roy Propsner, Director general
Telephone: 001 575 354-5212

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