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Muse Opens Its Doors in Los Angeles Area


New company Muse Applications Inc. creates interactive, camera-based solutions for interactive environments in business settings, retail, cultural attractions, themed entertainment and the home.

Technology solution designers and company founders Andy Gregory, Maris Ensing and Mark Hogan announced the formation of Muse Applications Inc., a creative and engineering company providing unique solutions for interactive devices and exhibits that support productivity, education, entertainment and engagement in business settings, retail, museums and visitor centers, themed attractions, and the home.

Muse is currently developing and adapting several technologies for custom applications in a variety of products and market sectors. These include Multi-touch solutions, which activate tabletops or other surfaces to become multi-touch and multi-user capable, and other camera-based solutions including gesture recognition and eye tracking.

“This is not about hardware or software, ” says Muse principal Andy Gregory. “It is about solutions: using whatever it takes to achieve the required result. Our creative designers and producers bring settings to life with customized and personalized interactivity, building unique environments and unforgettable experiences. We are taking mundane functionality to new levels in the boardroom, the retail store, the cultural attraction, the visitor center and the home. Muse is about how you identify yourself and express that identity; how you use modern technology to enlighten, entertain and convince.”

One new application area that Muse is developing is localized social networking, in which the interactive is used to encourage people in a particular place – such as a retail store, bar or restaurant – to interact with one another in a whimsical or serious way. This can be used for business presentations or sharing information in the boardroom, introducing customers to various options and possibilities within a retail environment, or as social icebreakers in gathering places.

Muse is a specialist company, working to create a range of interactive solutions and products. The company is set up to work with larger engineering firms, design firms and fabricators, in addition to working directly with end users. The company founders, Andy Gregory, Maris Ensing and Mark Hogan have between them over 60 years of experience designing and building unique engineering solutions for entertainment and education related venues.


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