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November 2011 Exhibitions for EyeClick at IHMRS and IAAPA

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Showcasing BEAM’s newest features for the hospitality and amusement industries

EyeClick is thrilled to be participating in back-to-back trade shows in November 2011. The International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show in New York will be the first stop where EyeClick will showcase interactive projected floors for the hospitality sector with a special focus on virtual playgrounds for quick service restaurants. IHMRS is among the top hospitality trade shows in North America with over 700 exhibitors and attendees exceeding 30, 000. A wide range of hospitality products are showcased within the 125, 000 square foot space for a myriad of venues. IHMRS runs from Novermber 13th throught the 15th at the Javits Center.

It will be the second year exhibiting at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo in Florida and EyeClick is excited to share the newest features for BEAM virtual playground. The IAAPA show in the US includes over 25, 000 industry professionals and more than 100 product categories. IAAPA is the only event in the world that delivers absolutely everything for any kind of attraction with products and people, ideas and innovations, energy and excitement, displays and demonstrations, experience enhancements and expertise. This year’s show takes place November 15th through the 18th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

The center piece of both trade shows is BEAM interactive gaming system. This product transforms any indoor area into a full blown virtual playground. Multiple players activate dazzling sounds and graphics using their entire body. EyeClick has been developing many innovative and improved games for BEAM over the past year with state of the art graphics and animation. Whether you take the soccer challenge, pop balloons or play the piano, enjoyment is guaranteed! Games can even be customized with special logos, sounds, graphics, video and other content.

Another excellent application EyeClick developed recently is BEAM for Arcades. Operators now have the option to install BEAM with pay per play connectivity which enables children to enter credits to start a round of play. The MotionMenu application allows children to independently browse and select games from a motion activated menu. EyeClick developed BEAM for Arcades to meet the needs of amusement centers, restaurants and other public venues seeking a dazzling interactive gaming solution which also collects revenue. This feature will be demonstrated on site at IAAPA.

BEAM has become the must-have solution for family entertainment centers, theme parks, restaurants, malls, retail outlets, medical centers, museums and has already been installed for clients such as NASA, Burger King, GattiTown, the Beatles Story Attraction Center, the Amazing Chicago Funhouse Maze and more!

About EyeClick

EyeClick Ltd. specializes in creating inventive products that transform designated spaces into magical experiences. The company’s BEAM™, EyeStep™, EyeWall™, EyeTouch™, and EyeBoard™ products open up a world of possibilities to engage audiences in out-of-home locations. EyeClick has helped leading brands, from Samsung and Volvo to NASA and GE, transform their floors, walls and window areas into spectacular interactive displays that leave a long-lasting impression on visitors. EyeClick gives designers, hospitals, event planners, retailers, media companies and other organizations the ability to showcase rich interactive digital content in public spaces, including family entertainment centers, medical centers, museums, malls, airports and chain stores.


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