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Simtec presents HEXaFLITE® theatre at EAS 2011


We will present our HEXaFLITE® theatre at the EAS Euro Attractions Show 2011 in London. 

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Be sure to attend the EAS in London from 27 – 29 September and visit Simtec Systems on booth 737.

Bernd Kaufmann, CEO, and Iris Fellmann, Sales Assistant, are looking forward to meeting you!

About Simtec:

Simtec Systems is a manufacturer of customized simulator systems for entertainment attractions as well as driving and flight simulation applications. We are a leading supplier of complete simulator attractions but our competence is not limited to motion platforms, the heart of every simulator. We are familiar with design of simulator cabins, integration of video and audio systems, air-conditioning and fire protection as well as show control systems including all necessary software. Safety of people and equipment is a major precept for us, approved by German TÜV.

Concerning ride films we advise the production team based on our experience. Our motion programming software assures precise frame-by-frame movements of the simulator in sync with the film content. Projection, video and audio technology is part of our competence. Finally you receive the key for system operation from our project manager to start the show with your customers.

Our simulator attractions are in operation in several parks and attractions. These simulators are based on our hydraulic motion system with six-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) and payloads from 150 kg to 25 tons. One shuttle can carry up to 80 passengers in an open theatre or closed cabin configuration. Passengers are sitting or standing, facing projection, audio and effect systems.

Exciting show effects, air-conditioning, fire protection and other equipment complete the individual motion ride tailored to your ideas and imaginations. Application of latest technology in research, design, engineering and fatigue calculation is our daily work and is based on our flight simulator experience. Design and manufacturing of electronic and show control systems is done in house.

About HEXaFLITE® – The next Generation of Flying Theatre

With a breathtaking initial movement like a roller coaster drop visitors are thrown in front of the movie and experience a high dynamic fully immersive simulator ride.

A half dome projection screen is set up around one or two 6-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) motion platforms. Accelerations with more than 1g will give visitors the real flying experience.

A special design of the motion system makes it possible to enter the platform in horizontal position, take seat and lock the safety bar. From this position the motion platform is dropping into the cinema to a nearly vertical arrangement of the seats. People feel like individuals flying in the scenery of the movie – a unique feeling.

We are offering the HEXaFLITE®  system in the full range from the motion unit only to a turnkey simulator ride attraction. Ask us for special design!

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