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TEA and ERA to Release International Theme Park Numbers for 2008


"Theme park operators, vendors and others in the visitor attractions industry need good information to build their businesses and make balanced decisions – now more than ever, " says TEA President Steve Thorburn of Thorburn Associates.

"This year’s edition of the TEA/ERA Attraction Attendance Report, jointly produced by the TEA (Themed Entertainment Association) and ERA (Economics Research Associates) identifies the top commercial theme parks and waterparks around the world and reflects their performance in 2008. Global attendance data is broken down by geographic region, by chain and by type of venue. These industry numbers will help us all to work better and smarter in 2009 and to plan wisely for 2010." 

The TEA/ERA Attraction Attendance Report for 2008 will be published online on the websites of TEA and ERA, and distributed to the media, in mid-April.

Last year’s report (2007 numbers) is still available and can be accessed.

About the numbers

ERA obtains the figures used to create the annual Attraction Attendance Report through a variety of sources, including statistics furnished directly by the operators, historical numbers, financial reports, the investment banking community and local tourism organizations, among others. The global market is studied as a whole, and each of its four main regions is also studied separately: North America, Mexico/Latin America, Europe and Asia. There is also a table of the top waterparks in the world and in the United States, and of the top global chain operators.

To be included in the study, a facility in general must be gated (entry ticket required). North American parks must have annual visits above one million. To be included on the top chains list, a chain operator must have theme parks in its portfolio. External and internal factors such as development, pricing, customer service, weather, demographics, investment/expansion, attendance and other dynamics that affect the estimated numbers are noted in comments within the charts. 
About TEA

The TEA (Themed Entertainment Association) is an international nonprofit alliance founded in 1991 and based in Burbank, Calif. TEA represents some 7, 000 creative specialists, from architects to designers, technical specialists to master planners, scenic fabricators to artists, and builders to feasibility analysts working in more than 600 firms in 30 US states and 40 different countries. TEA presents the annual Thea Awards and the TEA Summit and hosts the annual SATE conferences (Story, Architecture, Technology, Experience). TEA also produces a variety of print and electronic publications, including the TEA/ERA Global Attraction Attendance Report, TEA Sourcebook, TEA Project Management Guidelines, and TEA Annual & Directory.

About ERA

ERA was founded as Economics Research Associates in Southern California in 1958. The firm’s origins are in the commercial entertainment and attractions business. In the ensuing 50 years, ERA has built a diverse, global consulting business. The firm now has about 120 employees in 9 offices. We have completed nearly 18, 000 assignments. In late 2007, ERA joined the AECOM family of companies. AECOM is a global leader in professional and management services involving all aspects of the built and natural environment. Its various operating companies generate over $4 billion in annual revenues and employ more than 43, 000 people around the world, dramatically expanding ERA’s reach and service capability. ERA recently opened new offices in Hong Kong.

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