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Theme Parks: Ocean Park Organizes Slogan Design Competition in Support of the China Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Public Awareness Month


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As a keen advocate in aquatic wildlife conservation, Ocean Park is taking part in the Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Public Awareness Month, a campaign initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture of the PRC that takes place between 18 July and 17 August.

The Park is running a Chinese slogan design competition to promote aquatic wildlife conservation and enhance public awareness on the protection of aquatic species. Participants will also receive a special $20 Ocean Park admission discount for a chance to learn more about conservation at Ocean Park through its array of aquatic animal ambassadors.

The Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Public Awareness Month is hosted by the National Aquatic Wild Protection Office under Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, and supported by the China National Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Association. The campaign aims to spread the word on the protection of aquatic wildlife species as well as promoting relevant laws and regulations to the public. Through education, it is hoped that the Awareness Month would raise general consciousness among the society on the importance of conserving living species and promote nationwide efforts on wildlife conservation.

Ocean Park will run a Chinese slogan design competition during the Awareness Month as part of the nationwide competition to call for Chinese slogans on the theme “Love Aquatic Wildlife Begins with me”. The public is invited to submit slogans of no more than 30 Chinese characters (including punctuation marks) that are concise, easy to remember and serve to advocate aquatic wildlife protection. Entries can be submitted via Facebook (details available at or via SMS to the Hong Kong mobile number (852) 9267 0731. Five grand prize winners will each receive an Ocean Park SmartFun annual pass and other fabulous prizes, and be nominated to a nationwide selection of entries for further judging. After submitting an entry, each participant will also be able to download two time-limited electronic coupons to enjoy- 1) a $20 discount off ONE Ocean Park daytime admission ticket, and 2) a $5 discount off any purchase of $20 or above at any of the Park’s food kiosks. Details of the offers are available at the Terms and Conditions listed below.

During the China Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Public Awareness Month, Ocean Park will also put up exhibition panels, play promotional videos and distribute leaflets throughout the Park. At the same time, guests would also have the chance to meet various aquatic animals such as dolphins, sea lions, seals and sea jellies as well as the Chinese sturgeon in the recently-opened Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium – Yangtze Exploration attraction, Hong Kong’s largest freshwater aquarium which also houses other distinctive freshwater fish species such as Chinese sucker, largemouth bronze gudgeon, Chinese spined barb and white barbel fish.

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