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Tivoli builds the wildest and fastest interactive ride in Northern Europe


Sit down and fasten your seat belt, for this summer you will be able to be the pilot of your own plane. Tivoli’s new attraction in 2009 is the closest you can get to simulating a real aircraft without renting your own plane. It will be the wildest and fastest interactive ride in Northern Europe, and at speeds of 100 km/h and with 360 degree turns the flight will appeal to the full range of your emotions, making you both shudder and laugh.

The ride consists of two planes and its theme is the mystery of the Orient and the making of history. The planes are mounted on two large wings decorated with gold leaf and onion-shaped cupolas enveloped in a net of lights appearing as a cloud of dust by day and a luminous tornado by night. The design of the planes calls to mind early aviation history when boarding a plane was a unique experience. This will also be the case in Tivoli.

The ride will be placed in the Orient where the Blue Sapphire is located today, and it will be ready for take-off on 1 May 2009. With this new attraction, Tivoli will be able to offer its visitors 26 different rides in the 2009 summer season.

”Tivoli will never be completed, said Georg Carstensen, the founder of Tivoli, and this is still our belief today. And it may be even more important to remember this in difficult times, so we are looking forward to the 2009 season with its many new initiatives. One of them is our new ride that will be a truly unique experience – and so wild that it is only for the most courageous visitors, ” says Lars Liebst, managing director of Tivoli.

The ride

Booking. Visitors entering Tivoli can either pre-book a ride or get in line the same way as for other rides.

Go to gate. Visitors must go to gate 10 minutes before boarding at the latest. The boarding time is printed on the boarding card.

Boarding. Visitors must show their boarding card and are then allowed on the planes. There are two planes, each seating two pilots and two passengers.

Take-off. Once seated, the pilots and passengers are held in place by a safety bar. In front of the pilots a display shows the plane’s control options. The planes are located at the end of two large wings that can rotate 360 degrees. The planes themselves can also rotate 360 degrees in all directions. The pilots are responsible for starting the plane and steering it during the ride using the flight controls. A special turbo (afterburn) button brings the speed up to 100 km/h and makes the wings rotate at 15 rotations per minute. The pilots decide if and when to use afterburn. Each pilot is in ”command” of the plane for approx. one minute during the ride.

Landing. After about two minutes of aerobatics the planes return to the ground. Tivoli’s service staff thank you for visiting and get ready to welcome aboard the next flying enthusiasts who like to feel the adrenalin rushing through their veins.

Supplier and safety

The ride is developed in cooperation with Technical Park, the Italian company famous all over the world for manufacturing unique and exciting amusement rides.

The ride will be TÜV-certified, thus ensuring visitors the highest possible standards of safety, as the certification means the ride complies with some of the world’s strictest safety regulations in terms of manufacture and operation. In Denmark, the ride will be approved by the Force Institute.

Contact at Tivoli: 

Tatjana Vang,
Tel.: +45 33 75 07 11

More info:

Ellen Dahl
HR & Kommunikation/ HR & Communications

Tel: +45 33 75 06 00
Mob: +45 22 72 56 00

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