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Waterparks: The SCS Cannonball hits the North American Market – Get Ready for a Pool Side Blast


SCS Interactive’s newest interactive product, the Cannonball, is now available in the North American market. Through a strategic partnership, SCS Interactive is leveraging its strong sales and marketing capabilities to introduce and sell this Weigand Maelzer patented product. This unique waterplay feature is a great way to add interest and excitement to a pre-existing pool or include it in a new pool design to ensure your facility has the latest and greatest in waterplay interactivity.  
The Cannonball is based off of the idea of a water cannon, this attraction projects the rider up to 23 feet into a swimming pool. The rider gets into the seat and once he/she is in the proper position the attendant hits the start button and next thing you know you are flying in the air on a wave of water until you land safely in the pool below. The experience is like riding on a wave and the entrance into the pool is smooth based on the ergonomic factors taken into account during the design of the Cannonball.  
For safety, a sensor and a video control system are installed. Also the Cannonball meets the highest safety standards accepted by TÜV.  
This durable product is sure to bring in the crowds and enliven your pool area. Choose from standard or custom designs to create a completely unique waterplay feature that promotes family interactivity. Also, why just stop at one? Install two or more Cannonballs at different levels around your pool to bring heightened fun and maximum rider through-put. Watch video of Cannonball 

About SCS Interactive

SCS Interactive is the source of great waterparks. SCS has revolutionized the waterplay industry as the originator of the multi-level interactive tree house concept, the creator of the giant tipping bucket seen at amusement and water parks around the world, and the developer of the world’s first wet and dry water coaster known as SplashTrack™. Some of the biggest resorts, amusement and waterparks all over the globe showcase SCS Interactive structures as signature attractions. Additional information about SCS Interactive can be found on the website at 

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