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wiegand.waterrides details new Wie-glow technology

Creative designs can glow in the dark with company’s artistic new concept

Wiegand Wieglow Water Slide

wiegand.waterrides, a leading water rides and attraction provider, has announced a new concept that creates unique waterslide experiences.

The company has presented a new innovation for individual water slide design, which will also be utilised on spectacular dry slides by sister company Josef Wiegand. Many waterslides can already feature internal designs, however, the Wie-glow concept means that these no longer need to just be repetitive patterns or colours.

Combination of talents

wiegand.waterrides has teamed up with skilled themed entertainment artists, whose work can be found around adventure golf courses around the world. Combining the technologies of Wiegand, with the talents of creatives, new immersive environments can be created within Wiegand tube slides for the first time.

The company has developed Wie-glow with the intention of turning slides into more than just a thrill ride – stories can be recreated down the length of the tube, or filled with a series of different optical illusions, essentially creating a fresh canvas to inspire operators to be even more creative.

Wiegand Wie-Glow Waterslide


As with most innovations, there is no clear course and the creation of Wie-glow was no different, with the team discovering a few unexpected obstacles during development.

One issue that was resolved included the GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) material of the waterslide not immediately bonding with painters’ colours. As with all slides, it is of high importance that the different GRP layers harmonise and create a solid base with the colours meant to go in between these layers to stay strong.

During a development period of almost two years, wiegand.waterrides technicians worked with artists to find a solution, eventually developing an elaborate material integration.

Wiegand waterslide undergoing blacklight testing

Special artists can now create their illustrations without restrictions, between the individual layers of the waterslide’s GRP. Unique 360 degree designs can be created for the first time by wiegand. waterrides, without compromising the durability and strength of the surface.

Another benefit to the Wie-glow system are that the slides can be dynamically lit up to add to the storytelling experience. Energy-efficient LED spots integrated with UV lighting effects can add to the artistic talents demonstrated throughout the waterslide journey.

Prospective ideas floated by the company for slide operators include a “Back to the Neon 80s” themed slide with a selection of pop music from the decade, a trip through space to Mars or a fantasy-inspired fairy tale theme. The company says each slide will be unique and no two creations will be the same.

Earlier this week, blooloop looked at how Josef Wiegand was implementing Wie-glow technology in dry environments, with the upcoming debut of Harz Tower in Germany.

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