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    American Wave Machines

    American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM) offers the world’s most innovative wave technology capable of creating endless world class wave, created to supply a complete surfing package and experience all over the world.

    We are committed to deliver authentic surf experience to enable surfing to become a mainstream sport accessible to anyone anywhere. American Wave Machines can bring surfing to any suitable location and business model; indoor, outdoor, large scale or small scale.

    AWM invites the customer into the design process, delivering direct conceptual, design, engineering, supply, and installation of every available artificial surf technology, including SurfStream® and PerfectSwell™.

    Surfing experiences for attractions 

    SurfStream® is the world’s first standing wave surfing machine that delivers a stationary surfing experience on real surfboards scalable to compact spaces for multiple riders at once. Riders can use real surfboards with fins to surf on a deep cushion of water that creates an endless wave. Fully adjustable wave size, shape and type, as well as multiple riding modes – All surfing from learning to getting barreled in one system, via programmable controls. SurfStream offers a wave mode for every type of rider from beginners to advanced surfers levels.

    PerfectSwell® is the most realistic surfing experience outside the ocean that creates an infinity variety of wave that replicate point break, beach break, and reef break at the same time. Wave quality, size, duration, and frequency can be controlled at the touch of a button via an iPhone or iPad with no wait time for waves. Medium to large footprints with customizable surf pool shapes and layout (including circular pools). PerfectSwell® is the first and only air-pressure system to create naturally occurring ocean swells for an authentic world class surfing experience with highest performance surfing efficiency.

    American Wave Machines technology is found in surf parks, water parks and resort destinations worldwide including Sweden, Peru, Turks & Caicos, Taiwan and the United States (East Durham, NY and Nashua, NH, ). Upcoming projects include: American Dream Meadowlands (East Rutherford, NJ/New York City), South Dakota, Sochi, Russia and Montreal, Canada.

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