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Valo Motion presents the first XR trampoline sports game with body tracking technology

Valo Motion Jumpball

Valo Motion, a pioneer in combining interactive technology with physical activities, has launched a new XR trampoline sports game called Jumpball.

Valo Motion is pleased to announce the launch of a new type of sports game with groundbreaking body tracking technology. After more than a year in development, Jumpball is now available for Valo Motion’s award-winning mixed reality trampoline game platform, ValoJump. The new game mixes competition with physical exercise for a fun new experience.  Jumpball can also be used as part of events and tournaments, thanks to the competitive element.

“With Jumpball, we wanted to take the best parts of sports and video games and combine them into a new super-powered trampoline ball sport. We wanted each match of Jumpball to be an exciting competition that’s both fun to play and fun to watch, ” says Lauri Lehtonen, the lead developer for ValoJump.

Introducing Jumpball

Valo Motion’s pioneering body tracking technology means that the game reacts to the players’ jumps on the trampoline, for a responsive and intuitive experience. The company is always working to improve and adjust this technology to fit new games. For instance, Jumpball uses its new custom collision physics technology to calculates which direction the player hits the ball and with how much force.

This means that it can determine the precise direction and force when a player hits or kicks the ball so that players can accurately aim their shots and adjust their power.

To keep players engaged, Jumpball also challenges them to keep improving themselves with several mechanics. For example, the higher a player jumps to hit the ball, the harder the hit will be and the less time their opponent will have to react.

Jumpball can be played alone, facing an AI opponent, or by two players. For the double player mode, players use two ValoJump trampolines side by side which connect them to the same game.  All ValoJump games are played with one person on their own trampoline, meaning that social distancing is easy. Plus the system can also be rendered completely touchless for hygienic gameplay.

Earlier this year, Valo Motion also introduced a new augmented reality (AR) based climbing game called Hullaballoon.

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